10 Things Every Muslim Can Do to Make a Difference

Doesn’t it seem like there’s just too much that needs to be done and it is beyond me to do anything about this?

There is extreme poverty and hunger all around the world, (There are about 1 billion people who are living on less then $1 per day and about 2.8 billion people who live on less then $2 per day).

Have you ever felt like the problems are just too great to solve? Have you ever blocked it out of your mind because if you really thought about it, you would become depressed? If so, then you’re not alone.

Of course, there are some people who will make one specific issue their focus and they’ll work to help in that direction. For example, someone might make the support of the local Islamic Center his or her cause. Someone may make it their lifetime objective to share the message of Islam with humanity. Another person may adopt the mission to support and establish Islamic Schools and yet someone else may take on the task of providing relief to war and disaster victims. But most of us don’t have time to do justice to those types of goals like we should.

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UK Oldest Mosque Built By Jewish Student

WOKING – The British newspaper The Sun published on September 24 a selection of unique pictures of the oldest British mosque in Woking, Surrey, dating back to the Victorian era.

The incredible pictures show the early 20th century days of Britain’s first mosque; Shah Jahan Mosque which was built in 1889, about 50 km southwest of the capital city of London.

The beautiful mosque was designed by architect William Isaac Chambers who incorporated elements of Middle Eastern architecture, a dome, minarets, and a courtyard.

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Tired of the Unanswered Questions, Searching for the Truth

I would like to take the opportunity to share with you my journey to Islam and I feel that by sharing this experience with you I can help you on your journey through life.

We are all born into different cultures, countries and religions in what often seems a confusing and troubled world.

Actually, when we examine the world around us, we can easily see what a troubled state it is in: war, poverty and crime.  Need I go on?

Yet when we look at our own upbringing and our education, how can we be sure that all the things that we have been told, are in reality the truth?

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Looking For God, I Found Him in Islam

My father raised me on his own and as a Christian.  He worked hard to teach me Christian values. I read the Bible a lot when I was in elementary school (I skipped the words I did not know) and noticed there were some contradictions (i.e. eating pork, Jesus’ death (peace be upon him) etc.

When I was twelve I knew I did not really believe in Christianity anymore, but I did not know what to think. I continued searching out God and praying to Him for the truth.  I sought God a lot and very hard.

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The Holy Quran

As people would hesitate to travel without a map and guide book, so the Muslim carries with him/her the Qu’ran; their guidebook, manual and map, to take them safely through this life into success in the Hereafter. Human beings left to themselves achieve as much greatness as the ancient empires that ended up by destroying themselves through disease, violence, oppression and war. Even in today’s world, the people, who profess high technology and ‘development’, are destroying themselves through the dissolution of the family, hopelessness, depression, suicide, sexually transmitted diseases, which are the product of promiscuity, and an artificial approach to life that places importance on beauty and wealth and renders the poor, weak and un -beautiful of the world, completely without value, and with little hope.

Child pornography, prostitution, drug abuse, corruption, social inequality, monopolization of money and goods, and general godlessness, spell ruin to all those who are not a part of the elite few of the modern world, who own the banks, the multi national companies and the economic reins of power.

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Three pieces of advice to the Muslim home

First, there is a huge conspiracy that is being plotted against the Muslim home that aims at ruining and undermining its vital role in the Muslim nation. The enemies of Islam, including the Jews and the Christians, realize the critical role of the Muslim home and have therefore targeted the Muslim woman, trying to get her out of her home and drive her to abandon her modesty and give up her Hijaab. Undeniably, were the Muslim woman to go astray, her home would also go astray and accordingly the whole Muslim society would be ruined and the Muslim nation would follow them.

Dear Muslims, we have to face this huge conspiracy by reforming our homes, maintaining our families, and raising our children as Allaah The Exalted and His Messenger, sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, have commanded.

Second, I would like to warn against the perils of imitating the disbelievers and defiantly disobedient people, as copying such people is the essence of psychological defeat, and a sign of social degradation.
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About Mohammad the massenger of Islam



After a long journey, Ibrahim (Alayhis salam) approached Makkah, which lies in a valley between desolate mountains. As there was no water, crops could not grow and human life could not be sustained there. Accompanied by his wife Hajar and his son Isma’il, Ibrahim was fleeing from the cult of idol-worship which had spread throughout the world. He wanted to establish a centre in which Allah alone would be worshipped and to which people could be called. It would be a beacon of guidance and a sanctuary of peace, radiating true faith and righteousness.

Allah accepted Ibrahim’s intention and blessed the spot. After Ibrahim had left the inhospitable territory, water flowed from a spring to provide his small family with the means to survive. Hajar and Isma’il dwelt in this arid place far away from other people. Allah blessed the spring of Zamzam and, to this day, people continue to drink its water and to take it with them to all corners of the globe.

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