No Adhan for Ottawa Muslims

Amanda Shendruk


Ottawa’s Muslim call to prayer: There’s an app for that

If you live near one of Ottawa’s many churches, the sound of bells tolling is probably nothing unusual. Residing in the shadow of any of Ottawa’s eight mosques, however, is a curiously silent affair.

In predominantly Muslim nations, the call to prayer is broadcast loudly from the mosque’s minaret five times a day, summoning worshipers to dawn, noon, afternoon, sunset and evening prayers.

The timing of these prayers follow the natural cycle of the day. Since the rising and setting of the sun change constantly, so do the times of prayer.

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Europe’s Muslim population triples in 30 years


Europe’s Muslim population has tripled over the last 30 years. Many European see Islam as a threat and Muslim fundamentalism as a challenge to their values, particularly those related to women .

These views were expressed by eminent scholars and speakers during a workshop on “Multiculturalism in Europe in the light of International Developments after 9/11” organised by University of Karachi Area Study Centre for Europe in collaboration with the Hanns Seidel Foundation, here the other day .

In the opening remarks, Prof Dr Moonis Ahmar threw light on the concept and prospects of multiculturalism. He posed a question that to what extent multiculturalism may succeed or not succeed? In his views, multiculturalism requires tolerance and respect .

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Thesaurus of the Defamations of the West against Islam (1)

Anwar Zanaty

Erpenius; the Suspicion that the Qur’an is just a Ludicrous Imitation to the Bible

Erpenius ( 992-1033 AH = 1584-1624 AD)

Thomas Van Erpenius is a Dutch orientalist, he is considered to be the founder and organizer of the Orientalism Renaissance in his country.

He was born at Gorkum in Netherland, had his education at Liden then had a long tour in England, France, Germany, and Italy.

It is said that he had studied the Arabic language at the hand of an Egyptian called Abi-Thakn.

He had established – in his house- an Arab printing establishment which became later the base of the Arab press which is known now in Liden with (brill).

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18 students conveying Islam to South America


18 students conveying Islam to South America

By Khulud Muhammad


18 students from South America, studying in Saudi universities, have briefed the materials published on Alukah electronic network and found information about the noble values that Islam came with to serve humanity, confirm cooperation among nations and peoples, and renounce all forms of violence and terrorism. The Network has hosted the Latin students to give them knowledge about the essence of Islam to convey them to others after returning home.

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Is it Just to Offend Muslims

Is it Just to Offend Muslims

On the anniversary of September 11, after the release of an anti-Islamic movie on YouTube, ‘another Muslim assault’ took place in Libya resulting the death of US ambassador to Libya and three other embassy officials.

The timing of the movie, the geographical importance of the attack, the uncertainty of the movie director and makers with the confusing remarks coming from actors and actresses who played in the movie raise suspicions. All these question marks have been interpreted as signs of a bigger picture. It is not yet clear whether the aim was to remind the World of so-said ‘Islamic Terror’ or set Middle Eastern Muslims and Christians and Jews against one another by increasing the feeling of hatred and anger.

The attack got different comments from Turkish media. Although many scholars and columnists agree on the provocative goal of the movie, and curse the attack, for others the anti-Muslim movie was the last straw to break the camel’s back and the anti-Islamic movements need to be stopped.

Veysel Ayhan, editor-in-chief of daily Zaman, drawing attention to the extreme and inappropriate reaction of Muslims has stated “Violence and terror cannot be a way of reaction and protest. Once again Muslims are engraved in the minds of people as aggressive violence prones. As in the case of caricature crisis, nothing is gained from the violence attacks and it casted a slur on Islam.”

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The Prophet Muhammad’s Message of Peace



A major part of the Prophet’s mission was to bring peace to the world. One of the ways in which he strove towards this end was to attempt to convince people that all men and women, albeit inhabiting very different regions of the world, and different from one another in color, culture and language, et cetera, were in fact blood brothers and sisters. His message was crucial, for a proper relationship of love and respect can be established only if that is how human beings regard one another. To inculcate such feelings, the Prophet would preach to his followers, “You are all Adam’s offspring and Adam was made of clay.” And in his prayers to his Creator, he said, “O Lord, all Your servants are brothers.” The Prophet would exhort his followers to live in peace with their fellow men, saying, “A true believer is one with whom others feel secure,” one who returns love for hatred. He used to teach the believers that anyone who would return love only when love was given belonged on a lower ethical plane. The true believer never reasons that only if people treat him well that he will treat them well in return. He is accustomed rather to doing good to those who mistreat him, and to refrain from harming those who do him injury. The Prophet himself set the example. All his recorded words and actions reveal him as a man of great gentleness, kindness, humility, good humor and excellent common sense, with a great love for all people and even for animals.

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Andalusia: Bridge of Muslim Civilization to Europe


The eternity of civilizations is measured by the amount of the everlasting contributions they offer to the history of humanity in various aspects of thought, sciences, and morals.

As we learn about the great role Islamic civilization played in the history of human development, we can identify these contributions through what Europe or the European renaissance and civilization has achieved. This is because the accomplishments of European civilization have been influenced by Islamic civilization which preceded it.

Without exaggeration, the modern European history is the natural extension of the history of Islamic civilization when it was flourishing. There was no separation between them.

Routes of Islamic Civilization to Europe

Historians are almost unanimous that Islamic civilization came in contact with the Christian European West during the medieval times, when Europe was going through total darkness, through three main routes. These routes, which varied in the level of activity and cultural impact, were Andalusia, Sicily, and the crusades.

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‘Innocence of Muslim’ Response


This is Abeer and today I’m gonna talk about a very sensitive topic. Regarding a film, disgracing the last prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) and his companions. In that film, they portrayed his role opposite to what he was… so in the trailer of this film, I watched Prophet Mohammad saying stuff that we can’t even imagine him saying and the way the scenes of this film was put together were far from the reality… Now, let me talk about the protests that are held in different countries worldwide
But before jumping to a conclusion whether these protests are justified or not? Let me explain you one thing, for a true Muslim, Prophet Mohammad is more beloved to him than his father or son… and that’s because Prophet Mohammad is not a Religious leader or the messenger of Allah.
But he’s guide, he’s a leader, he’s mentor, he’s a teacher and his life is a complete role model for every person. Whether you are a son, father, teacher, student, Army official or even a businessman. I will quote a reference from a book
“The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”
This book was written by Micheal hart, who obviously is non-Muslim. The first person on Hart’s list is the Prophet of Islam Muhammad S.A.W. Hart asserted that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms. So now I will ask you guys to give me an answer to this question, What do you accept Muslims to do? if you are going to disgrace and mock the personality they love more than their family members?
I hope you get to a decent conclusion….
And at last, I will address all my Muslim brother and sisters, think of a situation, if our beloved prophet Mohammad S.A.W is here,
what will be his reaction to all those critics, will he do, what we are doing? So remember to be patient and exercise the teachings of prophet Mohammad S.A.W in these critical situations. I hope you all got the message I want to deliver.
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