Innocence Of Muslims


who is Prophet muhammed the true story of (Innocence of islam) not the fake one made by jewish, this is reaction to the film Innocence of islam that attack Prophet muhammed and say

Innocence of Muslims  , Innocence of Muslims   , Innocence of Muslims

Prophet Muhammad, video, youtube

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Was Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) Merciful?




The Muslim World League

The Global Program for Introducing the Prophet of Mercy

Aspects of Mercy for Human Beings in the Character of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Awards







Was Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) Merciful?



Muhammad Hussam Al-Khateeb



Translated by: Mujab Imam







A Note on the Translation. 5

In the Name of God the Compassionate and Most Merciful Whose Guidance and Help I Ever Seek and Invoke. 11

Preface. 11

Introduction. 13

1. Refuting the Charge of the Sword. 16

2. Western Scholars and the Study of Muhammad’s Character (pbuh)  23

3. The Effects of Heredity and the Environment on the Greatness of the Prophet (pbuh). 32

4. The Secret of Muhammad’s Greatness (pbuh). 35

5. Are Muhammad (pbuh) and Jesus (pbuh) Enemies?. 37

6. Could the Prophet be Considered a Prophet before his Divine Call?  38

Chapter Two.. 43

1. Muhammad and Zaid bin Harithah. 45

2. Muhammad and Rebuilding the Ka’ba by ‘Quraish. 49

3. Enemies Vouch for Muhammad. 50

4. Friends Vouch for Muhammad. 51

Chapter Three. 54

Introducing Muhammad (pbuh). 54

1. His Attributes (pbuh). 54

2. His Complexions (pbuh). 56

3. His Dress (pbuh). 58

4. The Environment He (pbuh) Inhabited. 59

Chapter Four. 62

Aspects of Mercy for Human Beings in the Character of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) After the Divine Call 62

-The School of Mercy. 62

-The Road to Mercy in Muhammad’s School 65

-The Source of Mercy in the School of Muhammad (pbuh). 67

-General Mercy. 70

-The Society of Mercy. 71

-Kinds of Mercy in the School of Muhammad (pbuh). 77

1. His Mercy in Dealing with People. 78

2. His Mercy in Acts of Worship. 86

3. His Mercy with the Elderly. 93

4. His Mercy with Fathers and Mothers. 95

5. His Mercy with Children. 101

6. His Mercy with Kith and Kin. 106

7. His Mercy with Friends. 112

8. His Mercy with Neighbours. 116

9. His Mercy with Slaves and Servants. 119

10. His Mercy with Orphans. 129

11. His Mercy with the Weak, the Poor, the Sick, the Needy and the Calamity Stricken. 132

12. His Mercy in the Face of Death. 147

13. His Mercy with Women. 149

14. His Mercy in Administering Punishments. 162

15. His Mercy with People of Other Faiths. 169

16. His Mercy with his Enemies. 178

17. His Mercy with the Human Mind. 191

18. His Mercy with Animals. 193

Works Cited.. 203

-Primary Sources. 203

Reference Works. 203



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innocence of muslims براءة المسلمين



innocence of islam 

 innocence of muslims

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Prophet Muhammad, video, youtube


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