The greatest Christian scholar (during) the 14th century

How Abu Muhammad Abdullah Bin Abdullah (Al-Tarjuman)
The Majorcan became a Muslim
By: Abul-Farag Ibn Ahmad

a)An ex-priest, Anselm Tormeeda.
b)The greatest Christian scholar (during) the 14th century.
c)The author of “The Gift to the Intelligent for Refuting the Arguments of the Christians”.

While the Christians were expending all their efforts in disseminating distorted Christianity all over Andalusia after the evacuation of the Muslims, Allah, the Almighty, opened the heart of one of its great scholars to Islam. He submitted sincerely to Allah, and stood upright in obedience to Him and struggled with his hand, tongue and pen in His way.

This man was Sheikh Abu Muhammad Abdullah bin Abdullah Al-Tarjuman, the Majorcan, who was once a priest called Anselm Tormeeda. He was known as Al-Tarjuman (The Translator), because in less than five months after embracing Islam, the Sultan appointed him general of the Marine Administration where he learned the Arabic language and became a skillful translator in discussions between Muslims and Christians. After only one year, he excelled in the Arabic language and was appointed as the head of Translation Affairs.

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