Islamic daily life


Here is something very nice, good to read at Fajr insha Allah. Let this be a reminder to us.

Islamic daily life

  • Have you prayed Fajr, every day with the group, in the Masjid?

  • Did you perform all of the prayers daily inside the Masjid, with the group?

  • Did you read from the Book of Allah (Quran) today?

  • Did you mention Allah and Glorify Him after each prayer?

  • Did you keep the extra prayers (Sunnah) before or after each prayer?

  • Were you concentrating daily on your prayers by meditating on what you said in your prayers?

  • Have you remembered Death and the Tomb today?

  • Have you thought about the Day of Judgment and its overwhelming hardship?

  • Have you asked Allah three times to permit you into Paradise? Because if you say: Oh Allah, permit me into Paradise- three times, the Paradise will reply: Oh Allah, allow him/her to enter me. (Tirmidhi)

  • Have you asked Allah to protect you from the Hellfire today, three times? If you did the Hellfire will say: Oh Allah, protect him/her from me. (Tirmidhi)

  • Did you read a Hadith about the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) today?

  • Haven’t you thought about being away from those who are evil doers?

  • Have you tried to avoid laughing and joking too much or too often?

  • Did you thank Allah for bestowing on you the hearing, sight, good heart, and all the other gifts?

  • Did you pay charity today to the poor and needy?

  • Did you get angry for your own sake or for the sake of Allah?

  • Did you avoid arrogance and self-admiration?

  • Have you cried today out of the fearness of Allah?

  • Did you mention Allah after Fajr or Isha prayer?

  • Have you asked Allah to forgive you from the sins and transgressions that you have committed, by making (astaghfirullah) seeking forgiveness from sins?

  • Did you ask Allah sincerely and honestly today to grant you Shahadat (martyrdom)? The Prophet (p.b.u.h) said: “The one who asks Allah sincerely to grant him/her Shahadat, Allah will grant it to him/her
    even though he/she dies in his/her bed. (Muslim)

  • Did you ask Allah to stabilize your heart and you religion?

  • Did you take the opportunity to make dua (supplication) in the hours that Allah accepts them?

  • Did you buy a new Islamic book for the sake of learning from it the knowledge of the religion?

  • Did you seek forgiveness for the Believers, men and women, alive or dead, because if you did, Allah will reward you for each of them.

  • Did you thank Allah for His Blessings on you, by making you Muslim and for the Blessings of Islam?

  • Did you visit a brother or sister for the sake of Allah?

  • Did you invite people to Allah, your family, your brothers, sisters, or neighbors, or those whom you have been in contact with?

  • Were you kind to your parents today?

  • Have you faced a problem and did you say: Inna lellaahi wa innaa ilaihir raaje’oon (By Allah we are created and to Him we shall return)?

  • Have you made dua by saying,”Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You, from the things I have committed wrongfully and knowingly. And I seek forgiveness for the things that I have committed without my knowledge.” If you say this, Allah will wipe off the big sins and the small sins.


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