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    A Response to Bill Warner’s

    A Response to Bill Warner’s “Is a Nice Muslim a Good Muslim”

    February 14th, 2010|Responses

    Our long history of Islamophobia in the West dates back to the time of the Crusades. For centuries Islam has been portrayed as a violent religion of the sword forced upon on the world by a warmonger. This distorted representation of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad became a received idea in the West, and by and large we find it challenging to hold ourselves to the same standards of objectivity and impartiality when it comes to Islam and its prophet that we would set for ourselves when considering any other religion or historical character. A case in point is Bill Warner’s article ‘Is a Nice Muslim a Good Muslim?’.

                  Warner’s article is a list of hackneyed aspersions cast on Islam and its prophet. He blit

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    Prophecy about the rise of ISIS

    Prophecy about the rise of ISIS
    Nu’aym b. Hammad records in his Kitab al-Fitan (The Book of Tribulations):
    “It is related on the authority of ‘Ali (may Allah ennoble his countenance): ‘When you see the black flags, remain where you are and do not move your hands or your feet (It’s a common phrase meaning: “Stay put and don’t get involved in the fighting”). Thereafter there shall appear a feeble folk to whom no concern is given. Their hearts will be like fragments of iron. They are the representatives of the State (Ashab al-Dawla). They will fulfill neither covenant nor agreement. They will invite to the truth, though they are not from its people. Their names will be agnomens [i.e., Abu So-and-so], and their ascriptions will be to villages. Their hair will be long like that of women. [They shall remain so] till they differ among themselves, and then Allah will bring forth the truth from whomever He wills.’”

    عن علي قال: إذا رأيتم الرايات السود فالزموا الأرض ولا تحركوا أيديكم ولا أرجلكم! ثم يظهر قوم ضعفاء لا يوبه لهم، قلوبهم كزبر الحديد، هم أصحاب الدولة، لا يفون بعهد ولا ميثاق، يدعون إلى الحق وليسوا من أهله، أسماؤهم الكنى ونسبتهم القرى، وشعورهم مرخاة كشعور النساء حتى يختلفوا فيما بينهم ثم يؤتي الله الحق من يشاء
    1. Black flags: ISIS use black flags.
    2. Feeble: They are newcomers to the fight in Syria and relative nobodies till they took swathes of land that was taken by other fighters.
    3. Hearts like fragments of iron: Watch any of their videos and judge for yourself.
    4. Ashab al-Dawla: They call themselves, the Dawla.
    5. Breaking agreements: They broke agreements and refused Shariah arbitration.
    6. Invite to the truth, though not from its people: Yes, they’re Khawarij (Separatists).
    7. Their names will be agnomens: Of course, they’re a bunch of Abu Fulans.
    8. Their ascriptions will be to villages: Villages here could be read as cities; most of them are al-Iraqi, al-Misri, al-Maghribi, al-Tunisi, etc.
    9. Long hair: See Abu Ibrahim and the other assorted characters.
    And Allah knows best.

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    Does Islam regard non-Muslims with mercy and compassion?

    Does Islam regard non-Muslims with mercy and compassion?

    What is the Islamic view of humanity? Does it encourage us to love and respect others as human beings, regardless of their religion or race?

    Published Date: 2012-08-15

    Praise be to Allah.

    The Islamic view of humanity is filled with mercy and compassion, and it cannot be otherwise, because the Islamic religion is the last of the religions that were prescribed by Allah, may He be exalted, and He commanded all of mankind to enter this religion. He revealed this religion and sent it down to the most compassionate of mankind, Muhammad (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him). This is confirmed in the Book of Allah, where He says (interpretation of the meaning):

    “And We have sent you (O Muhammad SAW) not but as a mercy for the ‘Alameen (mankind, jinns and all that exists)”

    [al-Anbiya’ 21:107].


    With regard to that, there are commands in the Qur’aan and Sunnah to

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    Here are 8 Christian Terrorist Organizations That Equal ISIS


    The right-wing is quick to condemn all of Islam like it’s a singular entity, and hold every Muslim accountable for the actions of a handful bad apples. As I’ve often said, no one religion — not even Buddhism — has the “right” to claim they’re non-violent. Holy War is one of those things that cuts across all religions equally. And while you can point this out to right-wingers, they won’t listen: they’re quick to invoke Boko Haram, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Al-Sheebab, or some other terrorist agency and pretend they’re the sum total of all Muslims.

    Well, there are Christian terrorist agencies that are just as scary, and some of them just as bad if not worse, than ISIS. A few of these you may have heard of, but since our so-called “liberal media” gets cold feet at naming Christian Terrorism what it is, some of them slip under the radar or aren’t as associated with Christian terrorism as they should be in the popular imagination.

    8. Lord’s Resistance Army

    Active: 1980s-Present, about 30 years

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    Moscow’s Muslims find no room in the mosque رابط الموضوع:

    Moscow’s Muslims find no room in the mosque

    On a cold Friday in March, Bolshaya Tatarskaya street in the centre of Moscow is at a standstill. It runs past the Russian capital’s oldest mosque.

    More than two million Muslims now live and work in Moscow. It has become one of the biggest cities for Muslims in Europe and its few houses of worship can no longer cope.

    During Friday prayers the historic building is overflowing and thousands of faithful are praying outside in the snow.

    Cars honk their horns and local people struggle to get past on the pavements.

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    Convertirme al islam no fue para nada una imposición de mi marido


    José Ángel, Ana María, Consuelo y Álex son españoles. De padres, abuelos y antepasados españoles, que fueron bautizados, leyeron la Biblia e hicieron la comunión como buenos católicos. Eran cuatro fervientes creyentes de Jesús que iban a misa e, incluso, estudiaron en colegios de monjas… hasta que un día comenzaron a dudar, tanto que acabaron tomando la decisión más importante de sus vidas: convertirse al islam.

    «Convertirme al islam fue la mejor decisión que he tomado en mi vida»

    «Convertirme al islam fue la mejor decisión que he tomado en mi vida», asegura José Ángel en este vídeo, donde sus cuatro protagonistas coinciden en que esta decisión les cambió por completo. Algunos hicieron nuevas amistades, porque lo de salir por las noches a las discotecas y beber alcohol no estaba bien visto por su nueva religión. Otros abandonaron ciertos malos hábitos, como «fumar hachís» o «gritar a los padres», por citar otro de los ejemplos.

    Todos están convencidos de que su decisión, en ningún caso, fue forzada. Tomaron la decisión libremente y tras un lento proceso de transformación, que se inició con las dudas que les suscitaron algunos principios del cristianismo. Los amigos de Alex insitieron en que le habían comido la cabeza, algo que él siempre negó. Y Ana María asegura que nadie la ha obligado ni la obligará a quitarse su velo. «Para nada fue una imposición de mi marido (marroquí). Lo decidí yo sola y él me preguntó si estaba segura. Que para estar con él no tenía que ser musulmana, que nadie me obligaba», cuenta.

    Más de 20.000 conversos

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    194 Rwandans convert to Islam

    194 Rwandans convert to Islam

    Some 194 Rwandans have declared their conversion to Islam during a dawa and medical convoy carried out by the World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY) in the Republic of Rwanda.

    Globemuslims_Some 194 Rwandans have declared their conversion to Islam during a dawa and medical convoy carried out by the World Assembly for Muslim Youth (WAMY) in the Republic of Rwanda.

    They declared their reversion to Islam in the courtyard of the Medical Center which was built by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in the eastern region of the county.

    The convoy aimed at introducing Islam to the Rwandans and invite them to embrace the faith. It also aimed at correcting the misconceptions and erroneous images about Islam, as well as providing quality medical services to the needy people of Rwanda.

    A large number of the participating patients, have benefited from the medical services of the convoy which covered three districts in the country.

    Participants in the convoy comprised the imam of the eastern province and some of WAMY preachers in Rwanda.

    The convoy provided the highest quality medical services that meet the needs of Rwandan citizens, and its medical team was able to perform 215 surgeries, while its dawa program, which included numerous lectures, attracted many people to convert to Islam.


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