Belief in the Final Day in Islam

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Eeman in the Final Day
By: Muhammad Al-Shareef

Hane’, the servant of Uthman, Radi Allahu Anhu, recalls, “Whenever Uthman (RAA) would stand over a grave he used to cry, his beard would moisten from the tears.  Some would ask him, ‘When Heaven and Hell are mentioned you do not cry, but when the grave is mentioned you collapse crying, how come?’  He (RAA) would say: I hear the Prophet (SAAS) say, ‘the grave is the first stage of the Hereafter, whoever passes it will be at ease after it, and if he does not pass it he will be in the most horrific of conditions.’  I also heard him say, ‘Never have I seen a sight more horrifying than the graveyard.’

In the hadith of Jibraeel, when he came to the Prophet (SAAS) and asked him about Islam, Eeman, and Ihsan, the Prophet (SAAS) said about Eeman, “Eeman is to believe in Allah, His Angels, His books, His Messengers, the Final Day, and divine decree, the good and the bad thereof.”  Today we shall talk about the Final Day.  It has been asked, “when shall the Final Day be?”  Dear Brothers and Sisters, the Final Day begins when you die.  And that shall be our topic for today: What happens after death.

In the battle of Uhud, the Shuhada’, after seeing their reward and honor with Allah Ta’ala, longed to tell their brothers that had not yet met martrydom of the blessing that they had recieved.  The Prophet (SAAS) said, “When your brothers were martyred at Uhud, Allah placed their souls inside green birds which drink from the rivers of Paradise, eat of it’s fruits and seek shelter in lamps of gold which are suspended in the shade of the Arsh (the throne)  When they saw how beautiful their food, drink, and abode was, they pleaded, “Who will tell our brothers about us, that we are alive in Paradise and being amply provided for, so that they will not turn away from Jihad or abandon the battlefields.  Allah ta’ala said: “I shall tell them!”  The verse was then sent down:
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