Prof. Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Alsoheem


Source: Cultural Values in the Message of Prophet Muhammad

Published On: 13/10/2012 A.D. – 27/11/1433 H.




Cleanliness means purification. In Islam it includes all aspects of life, cleanliness of body, heart, speech, actions, food, drink, clothes and streets and suburbs; it is physical and moral purification. The most important of which is getting our hearts clean from polytheism. Allah says: “O you (Muhammad) enveloped in garments, arise and warn! And magnify your Lord (Allah)! And purify your garments. And keep away from ar-rujz (the idols)!” (Surah Al-Muddathir: 1-5).

These were among the first verses that were revealed to the Prophet (Peace be upon him), in which he (Peace be upon him) is ordered by Allah (Glory be to him) to purify his garments from filth and his heart from polytheism and not to approach whatever can lead to idolatry.

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