Craig Robertson, Ex-Catholic, Canada (part 1 of 2): From Bad to Worse

By Craig Robertson


My name is Abdullah Al-Kanadi.  I was born in Vancouver, Canada.  My family, who were Roman Catholics, raised me as a Roman Catholic until I was 12 years old.  I have been Muslim for approximately six years, and I would like to share the story of my journey to Islam with you.

I suppose in any story it’s best to start from the beginning.  During my childhood I attended a Catholic religious school and was taught about the Catholic faith, along with other subjects.  Religion was always my best class; I excelled academically in the teachings of the Church.  I was pressed into service as an ‘altar boy’ by my parents from a very young age, which pleased my grandparents a great deal; but the more I learned about my religion, the more I questioned it!  I have this memory from my childhood, I asked my mother on Mass: “Is our religion the right one?”  My mother’s answer still rings in my ears to this day: “Craig, they are all the same, they’re all good!”  Well to me this didn’t seem right.  What was the point of me learning my religion if they were all equally good!?

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