Convertirme al islam no fue para nada una imposición de mi marido


José Ángel, Ana María, Consuelo y Álex son españoles. De padres, abuelos y antepasados españoles, que fueron bautizados, leyeron la Biblia e hicieron la comunión como buenos católicos. Eran cuatro fervientes creyentes de Jesús que iban a misa e, incluso, estudiaron en colegios de monjas… hasta que un día comenzaron a dudar, tanto que acabaron tomando la decisión más importante de sus vidas: convertirse al islam.

«Convertirme al islam fue la mejor decisión que he tomado en mi vida»

«Convertirme al islam fue la mejor decisión que he tomado en mi vida», asegura José Ángel en este vídeo, donde sus cuatro protagonistas coinciden en que esta decisión les cambió por completo. Algunos hicieron nuevas amistades, porque lo de salir por las noches a las discotecas y beber alcohol no estaba bien visto por su nueva religión. Otros abandonaron ciertos malos hábitos, como «fumar hachís» o «gritar a los padres», por citar otro de los ejemplos.

Todos están convencidos de que su decisión, en ningún caso, fue forzada. Tomaron la decisión libremente y tras un lento proceso de transformación, que se inició con las dudas que les suscitaron algunos principios del cristianismo. Los amigos de Alex insitieron en que le habían comido la cabeza, algo que él siempre negó. Y Ana María asegura que nadie la ha obligado ni la obligará a quitarse su velo. «Para nada fue una imposición de mi marido (marroquí). Lo decidí yo sola y él me preguntó si estaba segura. Que para estar con él no tenía que ser musulmana, que nadie me obligaba», cuenta.

Más de 20.000 conversos

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Christian sees Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) in Dream & Converts!

See an amazing description of The Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him (p.b.u.h)) which caused a Christian to Convert [revert] to Islam! Alhamdulillah.
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Narrated A’nas: (A companion of The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him) that he heard The Prophet (p.b.u.h) say that, “Whoever has seen me in a dream, then no doubt, he has seen me, for Satan cannot imitate my shape”
Reference Sahih Bukhari Volume 9, Book 87, Number 123


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Peter Casey, from Judaism/Christianity to Islam

Converts & Reverts: Peter Casey, from Judaism/Christianity to Islam

Blue-Eyed Muslim Convert Challenges Stereotypes


Peter Casey, or Dawah Addict as he is known online, often rides a skateboard to the mosque and rarely thinks twice about performing his prostrations at a Starbucks. Mr. Casey, a 23-year-old recent Queens College graduate, does not do it out of a rebellious impulse to defy Muslim orthodoxy. Rather, he says he seeks to “challenge stereotypes and misconceptions” others have about his faith.

As a convert to Islam with a suburban upbringing and a Judeo-Christian background, Mr. Casey is in a rare position to do so. Hisboyish looks, clear blue eyes and pale white skin allow him to evade easy categorization from non-Muslims.

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The Unheard Stories of Muslim Converts

Alhamdulillah, I was truly blessed to be able to participate in this amazing panel with 10 of my brothers and sisters in Islam who, like myself, reverted to Islam. This panel was part of the larger ICNYU Conference 2011, hosted by the Islamic Center at New York University. Insha’Allah please help ICNYU with your generous donations for the sake of Allah so that we are able to continue having incredible and important events such as this one. To donate, go to and click “donate” insha’Allah.

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Michael came in as a non-Muslim and left as Mika’eel the Muslim

Update from American Daee Jamal Omar:

I came to the Masjid to pray Dhuhr and as I was leaving some of the brothers said a strange guy has come to the masjid. The man Michael has tattoos all over his body and the brothers were scared. I started talking to Michael who said he was a Christian. I asked why he had come to the masjid and apologized and explained about why Muslims are hesitant of tattoos. We had a long conversation and I was amazed how Allah (swt) kept his heart clean even in disobedience and how his belief was that of a Muslim. I explained that Muhammad (saw) said that if people of the book believe that Allah is One and not like His creation and that Muhammad (saw) is the messenger of God then accept it from them. Michael came in as a non-Muslim and left as Mika’eel the Muslim. Allahu Akbar. Allah is the best to guide his creation to guidance. Him and his wife and kids will join us for Iftar tonight. Please make dua that his wife also accepts as it will be a whole family who enters Islam, insha Allah.

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How an American writer found spiritual fulfillment in Islam ?



Michael Wolfe

“I did not want to ‘trade in’ my culture. I wanted access to new meanings.” – How an American writer born of a Jewish father and a Christian mother found spiritual fulfillment in Islam.

After twenty-five years as a writer in America, I wanted something to soften my cynicism. I was searching for new terms by which to see. The way one is raised establishes certain needs in this department. From a pluralist background, I naturally placed great stress on the matters of racism and freedom. Then, in my early twenties, I had gone to live in Africa for three years. During this time, which was formative for me, I did rubbed shoulders with blacks of many different tribes, with Arabs, Berbers, and even Europeans, who were Muslims. By and large these people did not share the Western obsession with race as a social category. In our encounters being oddly colored rarely mattered. I was welcomed first and judged on merit later. By contrast, Europeans and Americans, including many who are free of racist notions, automatically class people racially. Muslims classified people by their faith and their actions. I found this transcendent and refreshing. Malcolm X saw his nation’s salvation in it. “America needs to understand Islam,” he wrote, “because this is the one religion that erases from its society the race problem”.

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Sister Rhonda’s Journey From Christianity to Islam

A Kiwi Journey From Christianity to Islam

Sister Rhonda’s Journey from England to New Zealand


It was actually two years after that first day that the program on Islam was on, till when I actually took my Shahadah in London



I was born just north of Wellington into a Christian family, which means we all got up on Sunday morning and went off to Sunday school.

I was the youngest of five, and we went to Sunday school while mum and dad were sleeping, I hope my brothers don’t mind me saying this, but we used to get money to put in the plate, and they used to take mine and go and play pool.

So I think that was probably a pretty average Kiwi upbringing. I was in the school choir and I was baptized, that sort of thing, it was part of our life. It was probably more of a social thing, the parents discharging their duty and putting us on the “right” foot hopefully.

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From Social Butterfly to Humble Modest Muslim




Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:

“I have been sent down by God to teach moral virtues and to evolve them to highest perfection.” (Authenticated by Al-Albani, 273)

Before accepting Islam, many new Muslims had a less modest lifestyle. After accepting Islam, attention must be given to adapting oneself to a more modest way of life. This includes not only the way one dresses, but the attitudes one holds and their actions.

Seeking popularity in school, or work, etc. should not be our goal in life, and it should be seeking the pleasure of God over all others. Once we focus our attention to achieving that, we can more easily adapt ourselves to becoming a more modest, humble Muslim.

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Muslim Converts In Mexico Make Up A Diverse, Fast-Growing Community




When Moroccan national Said Louahabi arrived in Mexico City in 1994, he and fellow Muslims had to attend religious services at the Pakistani embassy because there were no mosques or Islamic centers.

“I started looking for Muslims and a mosque when I first arrived,” Louahabi, an English teacher, told Fox News Latino. “At the time, we met at the Pakistani embassy, and there were only about 80 people – most of us were foreigners”.

Now, Louahabi prays alongside hundreds of other Muslims – foreigners and Mexicans alike – at the three-story Muslim Community Educational Center in the city’s upscale Anzures neighborhood.

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