Decriminalising Crime

by  Mazhar Khan Pathan  


In the defence of freedom, Islam is often accused of being unable to deal with modern day
problems. Below we look at why the contrary is true.

In recent days the debate over legalising drugs has revealed the inability of the Western
political system to deal effectively with this problem or for that matter any problem
based on the creed of freedom. In following its creed to deal with the problem of drugs, the
matter remains far from resolved, exposing the impracticality of such a creed.

Substance abuse is a huge problem in the world. Drugs are consumed for either hedonistic
pursuits or as a means to escape from a miserable life. Whatever the reason, both are
intrinsically tied to Capitalism, the ideology of freedom. Some take drugs to practise their
freedom to create heaven on earth. Others take drugs to escape from the hell created by
freedom. The Office of National Statistics found that the pursuit of freedom does not
create a heaven on earth. It found almost one in six UK adults have contemplated suicide at
some point in their lives Below we analyse the various justifications put in favour of
legalising drugs and identify the real crisis behind the issue.

Drug abuse is not new. However the crime epidemic fuelled by the need for drug takers to
pay for their habit has pushed politicians to address this issue. They have pumped
resources into the police force and enacted one initiative after another, but drug related
crime continues to rise, putting an ever-increasing demand on the taxpayer and the police
force. Much police time is taken in arresting both drug pushers and drug takers, taking
limited police resources away from other policing matters. Seven out of ten crimes are drugs
related according to one Home Office study. Government figures also show that over a
third of adults have used illegal drugs at some point in their lives. According to Drugscope,
a policy think tank, there are about 266,000 problem users in the UK. By whatever
measure, drugs are a serious problem for wider society.

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