Order in Family


Order in Family

Amin Ahsan Islahi

Source: Role of Family in Socialistaion

Published On: 15/10/2012 A.D. – 29/11/1433 H.


Islahi likens family to the institution of state. A state is required to be headed by a person; a family is also required to have a head. It can be husband or wife, but cannot be both.

Islahi’s assertion is in favour of man. In his view, man possesses those qualities which are required for the custodianship of family. However, it does not mean that man is superior to woman in all walks of life.

There are certain areas where women are ahead of men. For example, man cannot take care of the children as can a woman.

There is an inherent difference between man and woman. Man has an edge over woman in some physical aspects. Any step in the direction of equating both has proved futile.

Islahi considers all such moves a war against God and human wisdom. In the modern times most countries of the world equate women with men.

Legal and constitutional equality does not mean that they become equal in all fields of life.

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Systems in Islam – Family – The Appeal of Islamic Family Life

Systems in Islam – Family – The Appeal of Islamic Family Life

Family – The Appeal of Islamic Family Life 
In Islam, considering the well-being of the “other” instead of just the “self” is a virtue so rooted in the religion that it is evident even to those outside it.  The British humanitarian and civil rights lawyer, Clive Stafford-Smith, a non-Muslim, stated: “What I like about Islam is its focus on the group, which is opposite to the West’s focus on individuality.”
Individuals comprising any society are tied together by related group bonds.  The strongest of all societal bonds is that of the family.  And while it can be justifiably argued that the basic family unit is the foundation of any given human society, this holds particularly true for Muslims.  As a matter of fact, the great status that Islam affords to the family system is the very thing that so often attracts many new converts to Islam, particularly women.
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