A Guide to Halal Food Selection

Disclaimer : This list was prepared by the organization mentioned above. The MSA is not able nor qualified to make any Fatawas on Halal or Haram. Any questions should be addressed to the Halal Foundation or some other qualified individual(s).
Oh people! Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good. (The Holy Quran)
For a product to be Halal (lawful) for Muslim consumption all its ingredients should be Halal. Follow the following list:

  1. Read the ingredients on label carefully. Ingredients are listed according to the amounts present. The first ingredient listed is present in the largest amount.
  2. Identify the Halal/Haram/Mushbooh status of each ingredient using this guide.
  3. Search the ingredient name in the list and its status will be next to it.
  4. If all ingredients of a product are Halal, the product is fit for Muslim consumption.
  5. If any of the ingredient is Haram, the product should not be consumed.
  6. If any ingredient falls under Mushbooh category avoid this product, as the Prophet has advised us to avoid doubtful matters. This ingredient could come from a Haram source. To find out the status of this ingredient you should write or call the manufacturer of the product.

Halal: Halal is a Quranic term which means allowed or lawful. Halal foods and drinks are permitted for consumption by Allah-the Supreme Law Giver. Eating Halal is obligatory on every Muslim.
Haram: Haram is a Quranic term which means prohibited or unlawful. Haram foods and drinks are absolutely prohibited by Allah. Eating Haram is forbidden for every Muslim.
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