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About the Qur’anic manuscript discovered in Birmingham

Saturday, July 25th, 2015

Tests reveal ‪#‎Quran‬ manuscript is among oldest in the world, says UK university…

Dawah Power by Jamshed Javed's photo.

Here’s a really informative graphic comparing the Qur’anic manuscript discovered in Birmingham with the modern day Qur’an… and they’re practically identical!

Allahu akbar, in the very city where the Prime Minister of the UK attacked orthodox Muslims for being extreme, is the very city in which Allah (swt) allowed for this miracle to emerge. A miracle, in that this proves the preservation of the Qur’an to be true – a feat that’s beyond human ability to reproduce. Now the Islamophobes and skeptics have a dilemma, being as many have made careers off the unfounded assertion that the Qur’an was compiled much later, or has been subject to change. This manuscript appears to fly in the face of both claims.

And look at the section that has been preserved…


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Evil Islam ?

Sunday, June 28th, 2015

Innocence of Muslims and Guilt of the West – a counter statement based on historical facts.




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Muhammad’s Friendliness to the Jews

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

by this new brotherhood, muhammad achieved an operational muslim unity. politically, it was a very wise move destined to show muhammad’s sound judgment and foresight. we shall better appreciate its wisdom when we learn of the attempts to divide al aws against al khazraj, and al ansar against al muhajirun. the politically greater achievement of muhammad was his realization of a unity for the, city of yathrib as a whole, his construction of a political structure in which the jews entered freely into an alliance of mutual cooperation with the muslims. we have already seen how the jews gave muhammad a good welcome in the hope of winning him as an ally. he, too, returned their greeting with like gestures and sought to consolidate his relations with them. he visited their chiefs and cultivated the friendship of their nobles.


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Dialogues of the Prophet Muhammad with non-Muslims

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Written by Dr. Ragheb Elsergany

At the present time, a nation may recognize the identity of another one, but, it does not respect and revere them. To exemplify, Europeans, at successive periods of their history, used to put a sign “Jews and Dogs are not allowed” on the doors of restaurants and stores. Though Europeans recognize Jews as a religious identified class and a religion mentioned in Evangel, they, in no case, respect them that they make equal Jews and dogs. Moreover, Europeans may pamper and treat gently dogs more than Jews!!

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The crusades

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Islamstory

The crusades started in 1095 CE, with the speech made by Pope Urban II. In that speech, Pope Urban II referred to the Christians as the noble race of the Franks. He encouraged Christians to join the armies to get Jerusalem from the Muslims. Most of the crusaders that left Europe to fight the Muslims were actually aiming to form kingdoms and acquire the wealth found in those lands. That is why the many groups of crusaders were often quarreling amongst themselves over rule of places when they conquered cities.

The crusaders were against everyone who did not follow their religion and did not look like them. This included Muslims, Jews, and even dark-skinned Christians, all of whom were attacked and murdered by them. They even sacked the city of Constantinople, which was ruled by the Eastern Church (the Byzantine Church).
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Real History of the Crusade

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Islamstory

Real History of the CrusadeAll praise is due to Allah, and Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon His Final Messenger, his pure family, his noble Companions, and all those who follow them with righteousness until the Day of Judgment.

The historical distortion perpetrated on historical thinking by Thomas F. Madden is not a new fallacious concept introduced by contemporary Christian revisionists but has been prevalent since the emergence of Islam on world stage. For many centuries, the Christian historians and orientalists directly promulgated lies and fabrications about Islam in order to instil prejudice against the Muslims. And yet in the modern age, Christian fundamentalist historians still continue to carry the flag and propagate indirectly their revisionist theories regarding Islam. A summarised article of Thomas F. Madden’s book entitled A Concise History of the Crusades has been published attempting to debunk the old-aged “misconceptions” of the Crusades. He chronologically discusses the major events of the initial Crusade until the 5th Crusade. I will Insha’Allah (God-willing) address the deceptive methods riddled in his article. He writes:

Christians in the eleventh century were not paranoid fanatics. Muslims really were gunning for them. While Muslims can be peaceful, Islam was born in war and grew the same way. From the time of Mohammed, the means of Muslim expansion was always the sword.
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Islam in Persia

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Islamstory
Pivotal as Persia was in the political developments of Muslim Asia, its primary contribution was to preserve, reinvigorate and transmit the spiritual legacy of Islam through its language, art and architecture. While the Arabs provided the ideational foundation of the edifice of Islam, it was the Persians who adorned it with beauty and embellished it with spirituality. The primary medium for this achievement was the Farsi (Persian) language, the lingua franca of the East and the court language of the dynasties in Persia, Turkey, Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent. Persia was the fountain of tasawwuf that extended the boundaries of Islam after the Mongol-Tartar deluge. Indeed, Persia was the land where the soul of Islam was rediscovered.

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Islam in East Africa

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Islamstory

Arabs had commercial ties with Africa. Muslims migrated to Habasha (Abyssinia) where An-Najashi (the Negus) was ruling, which formed the first steps of Islam into Africa. By the decline of the Umayyad caliphate some Umayyads fled to Andalusia while others fled to Eritrea where they spread Islam. By the same token, some Arabs belonging to the Qaramitah state migrated to Somalia where they established the city of Mogadishu and the City’s ruling council. The city later turned into a sultanate and thus East Africa became a center of Islam and Islamic civilization.

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History of Islam in Spain

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Islamstory

When you think of European culture, one of the first things that may come to your mind is the renaissance.  Many of the roots of European culture can be traced back to that glorious time of art, science, commerce and architecture.  But did you know that long before the renaissance there was a place of humanistic beauty in Muslim Spain?  Not only was it artistic, scientific and commercial, but it also exhibited incredible tolerance, imagination and poetry.  Muslims, as the Spaniards call the Muslims, populated Spain for nearly 700 years.  As you’ll see, it was their civilization that enlightened Europe and brought it out of the dark ages to usher in the renaissance.  Many of their cultural and intellectual influences still live with us today.

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Islam in China 2/2

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Written by Islamstory

Sad and his deputation brought presents and were warmly received at the royal court by the T’ang Emperor Kao-tsung, (r. 650-683) in c.651 CE, despite a recent plea of support against the Arabs forwarded to the Emperor in that same year by Shah Peroz (the ruler of Sassanid Persia).  The latter was a son of Yazdegerd who, along with the Byzantines, already had based their embassies in China over a decade earlier.  Together they were the two great powers of the west.  A similar plea made to Emperor Tai Tsung (r.627-649) against the simultaneous spread of Muslim forces was refused.


First news of Islam had already reached the T’ang royal court during the reign of Emperor Tai Tsung when he was informed by an embassy of the Sassanid king of Persia, as well as the Byzantiums of the emergence of the Islamic rule.  Both sought protection from the might of China.  Nevertheless, the second year of Kao-tsung’s reign marks the first official visit by a Muslim ambassador.

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