Muhammad and the Rebuilding of the Kaaba

The modesty of the Prophet Muhammad, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, was the most prominent trait of his personality.  Even from an early age, his sense of shame in an open society of the Arabs prior to Islam was remarkable.  In one instance, after the treasures had been stolen from inside,  the people were rebuilding the  the Kaaba with a roof in order to prevent thieves from entering it again. Muhammad, while, still a young man, took part.  He went with his uncle, al-Abbas, to carry blocks of stone.  His uncle told him to put his sarong[1] around his neck to protect himself from the sharp edges of the heavy rocks.

As he moved to comply with this sensible advice, he was overcome with dizziness, and he collapsed in a dead faint.  His eyes gazed fixedly skywards as he lay on his back on the ground, his sarong loosened but still covering his privates.  A few moments later, he came round, yelling, “My clothing – my clothing!”

Hastily, he wrapped his sarong securely around himself again.  Never again in his life would anyone outside the family ever even catch a glimpse of his loins.

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