Western media’s bias against Islam and Muslims


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Western Media’s Bias: We are Not Helpless Against It

By: Dr. Ahmad Shafaat


It hardly needs to be said that Western media is biased against Islam and Muslims: every Muslim who reads the daily newspaper(s) in his city, watches television or listens to the radio is well aware of this. What is generally not realized and therefore needs to be said is that we are not totally helpless against the media’s bias. Often we can do a great deal to counter it by only a little concern and a willingness to translate that concern into no greater effort than composing a few letters and mailing them.

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The World’s Largest Muslim Group Has Been Opposing Radical Islam

The World’s Largest Muslim Group Has Been Opposing Radical Islam for 90 Years


Carey Wedler
December 5, 2015

(ANTIMEDIA) Though over one billion people in the world subscribe to the faith of Islam, every time a Muslim individual commits a violent and highly-publicized attack in the West, Americans demand unequivocal apologies and condemnations from all adherents to the religion. They cannot be bothered, of course, with the exact, same terroristic slaughter of non-whites in far-off lands.
Over and over, Islamic groups around the world condemn terrorist attacks and reiterate that violent radicals do not truly adhere to the religion. Even so, this never seems to be enough for the Fox News-inclined, who often falsely claim Muslims remain silent because they are uncivilized, violent savages. They insist ‘good’ Muslims must do more to combat extremism.

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