Is it Just to Offend Muslims

Is it Just to Offend Muslims

On the anniversary of September 11, after the release of an anti-Islamic movie on YouTube, ‘another Muslim assault’ took place in Libya resulting the death of US ambassador to Libya and three other embassy officials.

The timing of the movie, the geographical importance of the attack, the uncertainty of the movie director and makers with the confusing remarks coming from actors and actresses who played in the movie raise suspicions. All these question marks have been interpreted as signs of a bigger picture. It is not yet clear whether the aim was to remind the World of so-said ‘Islamic Terror’ or set Middle Eastern Muslims and Christians and Jews against one another by increasing the feeling of hatred and anger.

The attack got different comments from Turkish media. Although many scholars and columnists agree on the provocative goal of the movie, and curse the attack, for others the anti-Muslim movie was the last straw to break the camel’s back and the anti-Islamic movements need to be stopped.

Veysel Ayhan, editor-in-chief of daily Zaman, drawing attention to the extreme and inappropriate reaction of Muslims has stated “Violence and terror cannot be a way of reaction and protest. Once again Muslims are engraved in the minds of people as aggressive violence prones. As in the case of caricature crisis, nothing is gained from the violence attacks and it casted a slur on Islam.”

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