The Prophet Muhammad(P) and the Slander of Epilepsy

The Prophet Muhammad(P) and the Slander of Epilepsy

Published on: Tuesday 20 Sep, 2005

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Mohd Elfie Nieshaem Juferi

It is well-known that the polemics of the Christian missionaries and Orientalists where the character of the Prophet(P) ranges from the totally ludicrous to an outright lie and blasphemy. One such polemic is with regard to the allegation that the Prophet(P) suffered from epilepsy. This charge on the Internet is spearheaded by one Dr. Herman H. Somers, who claims that the symptoms of the disease were all present in the Prophet(P) because he used to lose consciousness, perspire, fall into convulsions and sputter. After recovering from such seizures, the claim continues, the Prophet(P) would then recite to the believers what he then claimed to be a revelation from God, whereas that was only an after-effect of the epileptic fits which he suffered.

Needless to mention, this allegation is not a new one, and has been addressed in the past by various Muslim scholars and intellectuals. In this general examination of this allegation, however, we seek to exonerate the Prophet(P) from this ludicrous charge, insha’allah. In this endeavour we have adapted the writings of M.H. Haykal, which we feel sufficiently addresses and refutes the charge. Additional elaboration of our own, in order to elucidate Haykal’s answer to the allegation of epilepsy, will be provided in the Notes & References section.

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