The Promised Prophet of the Bible

True Guidance and Light series (5)

The Promised Prophet of the Bible

By: Munqidh Bin Mahmoud Assaqqar, PhD


First, all praise and thanks to God Almighty – Allah. It is with great honor that I present this humble work to my reader, hoping that God Almighty will help him to benefit from it, and makes him and me among those who know the truth and among those who are guided.

Following the tradition of prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in thanking people who did us a favor, I would like to thank many people who I benefited from in completing this work, and possibly my success in this work was a result of their prayers to God Almighty to help me to do so.

I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude to my noble parents, who have done the greatest favor for me, in continuously fostering and cherishing me. I also extend my appreciation to my faithful wife, for her continuous support, help, and for her standing beside me during the completion of this work.

I would also wholeheartedly like to express my thanks and gratitude to the translation team, who played a major role in enabling this book to reach the English speaking reader, Mr. WALEED FADHL ALLAH, the translator, and Mr. ALI QASSEM, the proofreader.

Finally, I express my thanks and appreciation to Dr. JOHN EALES, who has done me a great favor by doing the final proofreading, even though he is of a different faith, he managed to do so, for he concerned about searching for the truth, and following scientific methods in study and discussion.

My thanks and appreciations I also extend to all my brothers, friends and colleagues, who played any role in the completion of this book.

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The True Religion?

Each person is born in a circumstance which is not of his own choosing. The religion of his family or the ideology of the state is thrust upon him from the very beginning of his existence in this world. By the time he reaches his teens, he is usually fully brain-washed into believing that the beliefs of his particular society are the correct beliefs that everyone should have. However, when some people mature and are exposed to other belief-systems, they begin to question the validity of their own beliefs. The seekers of truth often reach a point of confusion upon realizing that each and every religion, sect, ideology and philosophy claims to be the one and only correct way for man. Indeed they all encourage people to good. So, which one is right? They cannot all be right since each claims all others to be wrong. Then how does the seeker of truth choose the right way?

God gave us all minds and intellects to enable us to make this crucial decision. It is the most important decision in the life of a human being. Upon it depends his future. Consequently, each and every one of us must examine dispassionately the evidence presented and choose what appears to be right until further evidence arises.

Like every other religion or philosophy, Islam also claims to be the one and only true way to God. In this respect it is no different from other systems. This article intends to provide some evidence for the validity of that claim. However, it must always be kept in mind that one can only determine the true path by putting aside emotions and prejudices, which often blind us to reality. Then, and only then, will we be able to use our God-given intelligence and make a rational and correct decision.
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