Teaching children how to receive Ramadan and fasting it

 Teaching children how to receive Ramadan and fasting it
Muhammad Mustafa Himidah

Published On: 1/8/2012 A.D. – 13/9/1433 H.

Teaching children the fasting of Ramadan is one of the things which occupies the minds of parents. It is one of the difficult matters which people have to endure patiently in order to reach their goal of Ramadan. Therefore, we shall direct the parents to how to teach their children fasting and the acts of worship that are performed during that month through the following directions.


First, receiving the Month of Ramadan

Parents should receive the month of Ramadan with joy and happiness and speak to their children about this month in order to make their children feel the greatness of the Month. They should tell them that Muslims wait for this month every year because of its blessings, multiplication of good deeds, and the goodness of its nights. By this, we instill in the minds of children the rearing of the Pious Predecessors: Some of the Righteous Predecessors used to invoke Allah for six months to reach Ramadan then invoke Allah for another six months to accept from them the worship of Ramadan.

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