The premise that all Muslims are terrorists falls flat by a mere study of the numbers

“All [or most] Muslims are terrorists.”
There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. The much-discussed ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) organization, which has been described as the “richest terrorist group in the world” can only field between 7,000 and 15,000 troops in its battle to create a fundamentalist homeland. Even taking the highest estimate of their troop strength means that fewer than 1 out of every 106,000 Muslims from all over the world are actually willing to take up arms and fight for the fundamentalist dream. The Iraqi army, however, can field 250,000 soldiers to fight against that fundamentalist vision. That figure does not include irregular forces allied to the Iraqi army. The premise that all Muslims are terrorists falls flat by a mere study of the numbers. It isn’t a majority of Muslims. It isn’t even 1% of Muslims. is not about Terrorism

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All Terrorists are Muslims

All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 94% that Aren’t

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CNN recently published an article entitled Study: Threat of Muslim-American terrorism in U.S. exaggerated; according to a study released by Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, “the terrorist threat posed by radicalized Muslim-Americans has been exaggerated.”

Yet, Americans continue to live in mortal fear of radical Islam, a fear propagated and inflamed by right wing Islamophobes.  If one follows the cable news networks, it seems as if all terrorists are Muslims.  It has even become axiomatic in some circles to chant: “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but nearly all terrorists are Muslims.” Muslims and their “leftist dhimmi allies” respond feebly, mentioning Waco as the one counter example, unwittingly affirming the belief that “nearly all terrorists are Muslims.”

But perception is not reality.  The data simply does not support such a hasty conclusion.  On the FBI’s official website, there exists a chronological list of all terrorist attacks committed on U.S. soil from the year 1980 all the way to 2005.  That list can be accessed here (scroll down all the way to the bottom).

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Can only Muslims be terrorists?

Kamran Memon and Parvez Ahmed Special to Hernando


Published: Jun 26, 2003

Robert Jay Goldstein is not a “Jewish terrorist.”

After all, neither God nor his prophets ever condoned

the murder of innocent human beings. If a Jew engages

in terrorism, the blame falls on him, not on his

religion. That much we can all agree on. But that is

where our paths diverge.

In August 2002 ,Goldstein was arrested near his home

in St. Petersburg, Florida. In his possession were 40

weapons, 30 explosive devices, a list of 50 mosques

and a detailed plan to bomb an Islamic school.

Contrary to the suggestion from defense lawyers that

Goldstein is mentally ill, sheriff’s Detective Cal

Dennie characterized him as “a smart guy” who “knew

his stuff.”

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Who are the real terrorists?

Muslims are being labeled as terrorists all around the world, especially those fighting for freedom in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.
I wonder what you would do if someone were to break into your house to rape your mother, sister, wife and daughter and then kill your entire family? Would you sit like a coward and let them do everything or fight back at least to try to save your family?
I wonder why we don’t see innocent men, women and children dying every single day in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and if they fight back to protect their land and families, they are simply labeled as terrorists.

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