By Aisha Stacey


In the article entitled Honesty, we discussed how important the concept of honesty is to Islam and how it incorporates truthfulness and reliability.  Another dimension of honesty is trustworthiness, or in Arabic, amanah.  The meaning of amanah is trustworthiness, or, it is something or someone left to someone to protect or keep.  The opposite of amanah is betrayal or even treason.  That is, to failto keep the trust or amanah in the way the person who left it expected or wanted.

Trustworthiness further enhances the integrity and sound moral conduct that is inherent in the notion of honesty.  Being trustworthy implies being honest, fair in dealings and punctual (in terms of both regularity and timeliness) as well as honouring trusts and keeping promises and commitments.  An important part of the noble Islamic character is being trustworthy.  Prophet Muhammad was known, even before his Prophethood to be Al Amin (the trustworthy one).

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