From Strong Atheist To Islam

Published on Jul 11, 2013


Abdul Raheem – I Was Trying To Convince People That God Doesn’t Exist

Brother Tim(AbdulRaheem) was a strong Atheist who always debated religious people trying to convince them that there is no God & he thought he’s smart and the religious people aren’t till he met a Muslim & debated with him , brother Tim his family is non-religious too & that gave him a hard time when he converted to Islam as they told him to choose between Islam & his family resulting in him leaving the house !


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British Scientist Converts to Islam

Watch how Science in the Qur’an ‘convinces’ a British Medical Engineer (Scientist) to convert.
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[We have marked the word convices in quotation marks because we believe that somone becomes a Muslim because of God’s guidance – not simply by being convinced]



British Scientist Converts to Islam

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innocence of muslims براءة المسلمين



innocence of islam 

 innocence of muslims

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