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Published on Jul 11, 2013


Abdul Raheem – I Was Trying To Convince People That God Doesn’t Exist

Brother Tim(AbdulRaheem) was a strong Atheist who always debated religious people trying to convince them that there is no God & he thought he’s smart and the religious people aren’t till he met a Muslim & debated with him , brother Tim his family is non-religious too & that gave him a hard time when he converted to Islam as they told him to choose between Islam & his family resulting in him leaving the house !


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Muslim who turned to be atheist and back to Islam.


In this show we’ll talk with brother Nouman Ali Khan about how he went from being in a Muslim family but later in life he turned towards atheism and then after gaining a better understanding about the Quran he finally had all his questions answered and then turned back to Islam. This is
a wonderful story which many people can benefit from. Nouman Ali Khan is a popular figure all across America for his intensive Arabic Seminars. Nouman after coming to America found himself caught up in a culture shock. After being raised up in a Muslim household for a good portion of his life, he found himself questioning the very values that he was raised up with, eventually leading him to strongly detesting the concept of God internally before turning back to God.

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Top Scientists Comments on Scientific Miracles in the Quran


my response to “the Massive Islam Campaign – 2008” Compagne

* Quran : Top Scientists Comments on Scientific Miracles in the Quran *
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The Qur’an contains many references to astronomy.

“The heavens and the earth were ordered rightly, and were made subservient to man, including the sun, the moon, the stars, and day and night. Every heavenly body moves in an orbit assigned to it by God and never digresses, making the universe an orderly cosmos whose life and existence, diminution and expansion, are totally determined by the Creator.” [Qur’an 30:22]

These references, and the injunctions to learn, inspired the early Muslim scholars to study the heavens. They integrated the earlier works of the Indians, Persians and Greeks into a new synthesis.

Ptolemy’s Almagest (the title as we know it today is actually Arabic) was translated, studied and criticized. Many new stars were discovered, as we see in their Arabic names – Algol, Deneb, Betelgeuse, Rigel, Aldebaran. Astronomical tables were compiled, among them the Toledan tables, which were used by Copernicus, Tycho Brahe and Kepler.

Also compiled were almanacs – another Arabic term. Other terms from Arabic are zenith, nadir, Aledo, azimuth.

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innocence of muslims براءة المسلمين



innocence of islam 

 innocence of muslims

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