18 students conveying Islam to South America


18 students conveying Islam to South America

By Khulud Muhammad


18 students from South America, studying in Saudi universities, have briefed the materials published on Alukah electronic network and found information about the noble values that Islam came with to serve humanity, confirm cooperation among nations and peoples, and renounce all forms of violence and terrorism. The Network has hosted the Latin students to give them knowledge about the essence of Islam to convey them to others after returning home.

The students —who are from Bolivia, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, and Argentina— have seen about 80 thousand books, manuscripts, and periodicals published on the 13 websites of the network. Muhammad Gaber, the editor in chief of Alukah Network said: “Alukah have undertaken the development of Arabic content on the web and adopted a vision towards a permanent development of knowledge.”

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