Incredible story of Muslim restaurant owner in Washington who feeds the homeless for free

Franklin Square is one of the many places in the nation’s capital inhabited by those without a home. It sits two blocks from two very different houses: The White House to the west and Mayur Kabab House to the east.
Mayur Kabab owner Kazi Mannan came in early on this particular day. “With every dish the magic is how much you have to stir it,” says Mannan. He and his staff are preparing a special feast for customers at his Pakistani-Indian restaurant along K Street in Northwest Washington. Mannan says on the menu will be, “Potato and cauliflower, chicken tandoori, naan bread, chick peas and vegetable biryani.” But these dishes are destined for an audience that’s rarely welcome in elegant eateries. You see, for the past few months Mannan has opened his restaurant to the homeless.
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