50,000th copy of ‘Follow Me’ to US Consul

Follow Me’, a biography of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) written by Syed Hamid Mohsin, Chairman of the city-based NGO, Salaam Centre, has been gifted to 50,000 people belonging to different faiths.

The 50,000th copy was presented by Mr. Mohsin to Jennifer A. McIntyre, US Consul General in Chennai, on July 26 here.

A grateful Ms. McIntyre said that the book would help her to learn about Islam in detail. “It’s a valuable gift. I know about Islam to some extent but could not study in detail the life and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (s). Now, I will certainly read this book,” she said.

On the occasion, another diplomat associated with the economic department told Mr. Mohsin,

I have seen big hoardings about the book in Bangalore. Today is a happy occasion to meet you; I would like to have a detailed meeting with you whenever you are available.

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