A message to a Christian by Mahmoud Rida Murad


Facts and Consequences

Compiled by

mQhmoud R. mUIQd
1st Edition 1426/2005
Copyright Mahmoud R. Murad
All rights reserved



This message is for every Christian who is
welling to search for the truth with a sincere desire,
and a broad mind to provide him with answers to
questions that would otherwise take him long time
to find.

Since you are a Christian, have you ever
thought of the origin of Christmas; or how genuine
is Christmas? Or, do you consider Christmas a
social tradition or a ritual? If you consider it a social
tradition, then there is no room for it in you faith. If
it as a ritual, then it should hav:e. an origin in your
Bible. If it does not hav~ an origin in your Bible,
then, either the Bible is false or Christmas is.
H is time you should know the truth about
Christ and Christmas. Here is what Britannica
Encyclopedia has to say about Christmas:
Christnlas (Old English “Christ’s Mass”)
Christian festival celebrated on December 25,
commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ and is also
a popular secular holiday. According to a Roman
almanac, the Christian festival of Christmas was
celebrated in Rome by AD 336.
The ecclesiastical calendar retains numerous
remnants of pre-Christian festivals-notably
Christmas, UJhich blends elements including both
the feasts of the Saturnalia and the birthday of
The development oflegends
Legends developed in Christianity because of a
need to answer questions posed by the less
intellectual Christians, the need for stories of
exemplary Christians, and the transference of the
deeds of pagan gods and goddesses in popular piety
to those zuho are ofsaints and martyrs.
Many Christians UJere not satisfied with the gaps
in the narration of Christ’s life in the canonical
Gospels. There thus developed several apocrypha,l
often influenced by Gnosticism, that provided
legendary accounts ofChrist’s life, as well as those
of the Apostles.2
Since you are a fellow human being, first and
foremost, we are concerned about your spiritual
1 A group of 14 books, not considered as canonical, included in
the Septuagint and the vulgate as part of the Old Testament.
(the Random House Dictionary of the English Language.)
2 Encyclopedia Britannica, (Micropedia) vol. II, p. 903
welfare;’ hence we have prepared this message for
Mankind belong to one single father, Adam,
and have one single God, Allah, Who has brought
them into existence, and provided them with their
means of substallll’ in order to worship Him alone.
It is inconceivable that the God Who created the
universe and every thing in it to need help; let
alone taking a son or a spouse, or a partner. He was
all by Himself when there was nothing in existence;
then He created mankind and the rest of the
creation for one single purpose, that is to w<.lrship


The divine purpose
There is no doubt that God3 has created man for
a lofty purpose; and that is why He has
distinguished him from the rest of His creatures.
He has honored him by giving him intellect; a gift
that many creatures do not have. Were the sole
3 The tem ‘God’ means the Sale Creator, Who gives life, causes
death, and upon Whom all creatures depend for their means of
purpose of man’s existence in this universe is to live
and die, he would need no intellect for that.
Animals need no intellect to control their behavior;
nor do they consider any norms or etiquettes when
they fulfill their desires.
Why did the Creator bring the whole universe
into existence? Do you think He did so for fun? Or,
did He create us for no purpose?
There is no religion but recognizes the existence
of the Creator of this universe, Who runs its affairs
in flawless precision. Look at the sun and the
distance that separates it from our planet the earth.
It rotates in its orbit like the rest of the other planets
without deviation. Were any error to occur, the
earth and the rest of the planets would have gone
into a chaos.
Do you not think that this Great Creator
deserves to be regarded with high estimation for
His matchless, immaculate, and great capacity?
There is nothing to exhaust it; whenever He wants
a thing to take place, He only says to it, ‘Be’ and it
Why would such a Great Creator, Who possesses
limitless capacity need an aide, a son, or an
What is then the Divine purpose of bringing man
into existence?
Man, being a creature, cannot possibly answer
this significant question; because were he to be his
own creator, he would probably answer this
question. But, since God, Almighty, is the One Who
created us, then He alone has the answer to this
Here is His answer:
“I have created jinn and man only to worship Me.”4


Who deserves to be worshipped?
Since our Creator is the only true God, and since
He is the only One Who deserves to be worshipped,
we should know how to worship Him? Do we
worship Him according to our discretion, or
according to His instructions? Since He is our
Creator, then we must follow His commands and
4 Q. 51:56
In order to make this easy for His slaves, Allah
sent them Messengers to guide them to His path,
instruct them how to worship Him, give good news
of endless bliss in the next world to those who obey
them, and warn those who disobey them against a
severe punishment in the next world. This is the
main duty of the Messengers. God says:
“We did send Messengers as annunciators of
good news, and Warners against punishment so
that man would have no argument against Allah.”s
No nation was left without a Messenger. Allah
There is no nation that did not receive a
The first Messenger whom Allah sent to
humankind is Noah, and the last is Muhammad,
may Allah exalt their mention. The best of all
Messengers are according to their chronological
order: Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and
5 Q. 4:165
Muhammad; may Allah exalt their mention. It is
incumbent on everyone to believe in all of the
Messengers whom God sent to mankind.
Since Jesus was the last Messenger before
Muhammad, may Allah exalt their mention, and
since Christians constitute the majority in
demographical terms, and since you believe in
Jesus, you should probably hear the true details of
his as well as his mother’s birth stories?
Do you know?
Do you know that Jesus spoke to people in his
infancy? Do you know that Allah looked after his
mother ever since she was born? Since you are a
Christian, you should know these facts.
Why not first listen to the story of his
mother’s birth from the Qur’an, in a chapter titled,
Aali Imran (Imran’s Household) which God
revealed to the last of His Messengers, Muhammad,
may He exalt his mention:

The birth of Mary
God says:6
And tell people about Imran’s wife (the
mother of Mary) when she supplicated God
saying, ‘My God! I have vowed to consecrate
the fetus in my womb to Your worship; so
accept it from me; You surely hear my
supplication, and know my intention.’7 (35)
And when she delivered her baby, she said,
‘0 my God! I have delivered a baby-girl -and
Allah knows best what she delivered- and a
male is not like a female,8 and I have named
her Mary, and I commit her and her
offspring to Your protection against Satan,
the accursed.’ (36)
Thereupon, God accepted the vow of Mary’s
mother graciously, afforded Mary fine
6 Q. Chapter 3
7 She obviously did not know at that point whether her fetus
was a male or a female.
S Obviously, the male is different from the female in terms of
enduring worship patiently and maintaining the place of
upbringing, and committed her to the care of
Allah looked after Mary, and protected her in
response to her mother’s supplication to
prepare her to be the mother of one of the best
of His Messengers. God also supplied her
with her food provisions. He says:
Whenever Zachariah visited Mary in her
chamber, he saw she had food supplies. He
asked her, 10 Mary! IWhere did you get this
from?’ She said, lit is from God. God
provides whoever He wants without
measure.’ (37)


The Birth of Jesus10
Now let’s hear how Jesus was born. God says:
And mention to them when the angels said
to Mary, 10 Mary! God has chosen you,
sanctified you, and preferred you to the rest
of the women of the world.’ (42)
9 Zachariah is the father ofJohn the Baptist (Luke 1:5)
10 Q. Chapter 3.
‘0 Mary! Obey your God submissively,
prostrate yourself before Him, and worship
Him along with the worshippers.11 (43)
These are historical news that you
(Muhammad) did not know before; We
reveal them to you so that you report them to
your people. You were not with the priests
when they cast lots to decide who of them
should take care of Mary, nor were you there
when they disputed over this matter.l2 (44)
Breaking the news to Mary about conceiving of
God says:
11 Prostration and bowing are main postures of Salah. In that
sense, Allah commanded Mary to be regular on performing
Salah, and worshipping Him.
12 Prophet Zakariya and the priests in Jerusalem contested for
the honor of claiming the custody of Mary when her mother
brought her to them; because she dedicated her to the service
of the Masjid of Baitul Maqdis. To decide who would have the
custody of hers, they cast their pens in the river, he whose pen
stand still in the running \vater would have the privilege of her
custody. All their pens drifted away in water except
Zakariya’s; thus he won her custody.
Tell them too when the angels said to Mary,
‘0 Mary, Allah is giving you good news; that
you, by a command from Him, shall have a
son whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, son of
Mary; who will have an honorable status in
this as well as in the next world, and he is
favored by Allah. (45)
He will speak to people in his infancy and
during his middle age, preaching the
Oneness of Allah, and he will be righteous.
She said, , 0 my God! How can I have a child
when no man has ever touched me? He said,
‘This is the way of Allah; He creates
whatever He wishes. Whenever He wants a
thing, He only says to it, ‘Be,’ and it is. (47)
Now listen to the amazing details of Jesus’
birth as narrated in the Glorious Qur’an in a
chapter titled, ‘Mary’. Allah says:
And tell them the story of Mary as
mentioned in the Book, when she isolated
herself from her people in a westward place.
Then We sent to her Our angel, Gabriel, who
appeared to her in a shape of a perfect man.
Shocked as she was, she said to him: “I seek
refuge with the Merciful God from you; that
is, if you fear Him.” He eased her fear by
saying: “I am not what you are thinking. I am
only a messenger from your God to give you
a pure son.” She wondered: “How can I have
a son when no man has ever touched me, nor
am I a bad woman?” He said, ‘This is what
your God has said,’ “It is easy for Me, and
We13 shall make him to people as a proof of
Allah’s capability of bringing man into
existence through various methods,14
13 Lest you wonder why the 15t person pronoun used her is in
the plural form, you should know that the speaker is God
Himself. It is known that the use of plural of 1st person
pronoun, ‘WE’ is a term of aggrandizement used by kings.
Therefore, if kings, who are only men, use it, by right, the One
V\/ho created them is more entitled to its use.
14 To elaborate, ‘various methods’ here means, God created
Adam, the father of mankind from neither a male nor a female,
and He created Eve from a male without a female, and created
their offspring from both male and female, and created Jesus
(Jesus) from a female without a male.
Allah goes on to say,
‘and to be as mercy from Us. Besides, it’s an
inevitable thing which is already
foreordained.” So she became pregnant with
a baby, and she isolated herself in a remote
place. Later on, labor pain drove her to a
trunk of a palm~tree, and she said: ‘Would
that I died before this, and was a thing
completely forgotten, or never existed.’15

The infant speaks
God says:
Then her baby called her from beneath her,
saying, ‘Grieve not! Your God has nlade a
stream run below you; and shake the trunk
of the palm~tree; ripe date~fruits will fall
down for you. So, eat! drink! and enjoy
yourself, and whenever you see a human
being then gesture to him: I have vowed to
observe fast for the sake of the Merciful
IS She said that out of her concern about what \vould people
think of her when they see her coming home with a baby in
her hands, having known her as a chaste, pious woman, and
that they \vould not believe her story.
God; so I will not speak to any human
Just imagine how she could prove her
innocence before people. Who on earth would
vouch for her truthfulness? That was her main
concern. But do you think that God, the Most
Merciful, Who had destined her to be the mother of
His slave and Messenger would abandon her at a
time of such a dire need? Then listen to the
miraculous proof with which God proved her
God instructed her to be silent because
regardless of what she would say, she would not
convince people of her innocence. Then, someone
else should speak on her behalf; someone whose
testimony would not be contested. Here is what
happened: God says:

People’s reaction
When she finally returned home carrying her
baby, people were shocked, and reproached her
saying: “0 Mary, you have committed a grave sin.
0, sister of Aaron, (They called her by that name
because her lineage traces back to Moses’ brother,
Aaron. They reminded her of her pious
predecessors sC1\Ting, IYour father was not a bad
man, nor was your mother unchaste.”
Since she made a vow of abstaining from
talking, the infant spoke again to prove his
mother’s innocence:
she pointed at her baby. They wondered
deniably, ‘How can we talk to an infant in a
cradle?’ At that point, the infant himself
spoke saying, II am a slave of Allah. He has
given me the Book, made me a Prophet, and
blessed me to enjoin the good conduct, and
forbid the abominable wherever I may be,
and He has commanded me to perform
prayer, and give Zakat16 as long as I live.
And He has made me dutiful to my mother;
not too arrogant to worship Him, not a
wretched man. And safety and security are
granted to me on the day I was born through
16 The term, ‘Zakat’ legally means, ‘alms’, and linguistically, it
means, ‘purification’.
till the day I shall die, and on the day I shall
be raised again.”
In order to prove to them that he was only a
human, he mentioned that he was born and will
die, and will be raised again on the Day of
Resurrection like the rest of his fellow human
By saying, ‘I am a slave of Allah,’ Jesus, the
baby, declared the Oneness of Allah, and His
freedom from having a son, confirmed the fact that
he is a slave of Allah, and exonerated his mother
from the accusation of being a bad woman. Allah
further says:
This is the truth about Jesus, the son of
Mary, about whom they are doubtful.(10)
With these words, too Allah declares Himself
as far above what they ascribe to him, and
emphasizes the fact that He created Jesus as His
slave and Messenger. He further says:
‘It does not befit Allah to take a son for
Himself. He is far above what the ignorant
and transgressors ascribe to Him. When He
wants a thing to take place, He only says to
it, ‘Be’, and it is.’17
Jesus’ privileges and miracles18
Like the rest of His Messengers, Allah enabled
Jesus to perform certain miracles to prove his
veracity as described in the following verses:
And Allah will teach him writing, make him
understand the religion, and teach him the
Torah and the Gospel. (48)
And will send him as a Messenger to the
Children of Israel to tell them, ‘I have come
to you with a proof from your God that I
make for you a shape of a bird out of mud,
then I blow on it, and it becomes a real bird
with the leave of Allah. I heal the blind by
birth, the leper, and revive the dead with the
leave of Allah. I can tell you, in addition,
what you eat, and what you stock in your
17 Q. 19:35
IH Q. Chapter 3
homes. Surely, these are proofs of my
veracity if you but believe. (49)
Furthermore, I have come to confirm the
Torah, which was revealed before me, make
lawful some of what was forbidden for you,
and I have come to you with a sign from
your God, so fear Allah and obey me. (50)
Verily, Allah is my as well as your God, that
is, both you and I are His slaves; therefore,
worship Him alone. This is the straight path.
The reaction of the Children of Israel
Now let us listen to how the Israelites received
Jesus’ Message:
God says:
And when Jesus realized that the Israelites were
persistent on infidelity, he asked them, ‘Who are
my supporters for the advancement of the cause of
Allah?’ His disciples said, ‘We are your supporters
for the advancement of the cause of Allah. We
believe in the Oneness of Allah, so bear witness
that we are Muslims.’ (52)
They further supplicated, ‘0 our God! We
have believed in what You revealed, and
followed the Messenger, so enlist us as
witnesses to this fact.’ (53)
The Jews planned to kill Jesus, but Allah
foiled their plan and saved him, and Allah is
the best of planners. 19 (54)
When Allah said, ‘0 Jesus! I will put you to
sleep, and raise you up to Me, and save you
from the infidels, and will give those who
follow you the upper hand over the infidels
until the Day of Resurrection. 20 (55)
19 The Jews tried to kill Jesus when they reported him to the
king at that time, calling him a liar and an illegitimate child.
When the king’s men besieged his house, Allah raised Jesus up
to Him through a hole in the ceiling, and made the one who
entered the house in the night to apprehend him look like
Jesus. They thought he was Jesus himself, so they took him
and crucified him. That was the planning of Allah, Who saved
His Prophet and made the infidels believe that they fulfilled
their desire.
20 Allah did humiliate those who denied the Prophethood of
Jesus, may Allah exalt his mention, by subjecting them to
execution, captivity, and caused their properties to be
confiscated. He will further subject them to severer torment in
the next world.
What is more difficult and miraculous, the
creation of Adam,
or the birth of Jesus?

Allah answers this question in the following
‘Surely, the case of bringing Jesus into
existence is similar to that of Adam; Allah
created the latter from soil then He said to
him, ‘Be,’ and he was.’21
This is the truth about Jesus that your God
has revealed to you. Therefore, have no
doubt about it.22
Jesus told his people while he was an infant:
“Surely, Allah is my as well as your God; so
worship Him alone. This is the right course;
he who adheres to it will certainly be guided
21 Q. 3:59 He Who created Adam without a father is by right
more capable of creating Jesus. Hence, if Divine sonship is
ascribed to Jesus because of his miraculous birth, then, by right
Adam would be more entitled to it than Jesus.
22 Q. 3:60
aright. Yet people afterwards were divided
into parties regarding Jesus:23
This mean”” the Jews, upon whom is the curse of
Allah, aCClised Jesus of being an illegal child.
Another party said he was God Himself, and yet a
third party said he is one of the three, while the
faithful believed he is only asiave of Allah and His
Messenger to which Allah refers by saying: ‘this is
the truth about Jesus.’
Jesus was never crucified, as Christians
believe; rather Allah raised him up to Him. It was
someone else who was actually crucified. Allah
They never killed nor crucified him, but it
appeared so to them. Allah took him up to Him.
Allah is ever Mighty, Wise. 24
The status of Jesus in Islam
It is incumbent on Muslims to believe in all of
the Messengers that Allah sent to humankind
23 Q.19:16-36
24 Q. 4:157
including those whom Allah sent to the Children of

Now that you have listened to the real story of
Jesus’ and his mother’s birth, do you still believe he
is a god? Well! Have you ever thought of crossexamining
the doctrine of the Trinity, the basic
formula of the Christian faith? Or, have you ever
asked yourself how can three different entities be
one entity, and at the same time be three? Or, how
anything individually, in its entirety, with its
indivisible oneness can by itself be divided into
three separate beings with three different attributes,
or entities?
Did you ever ask any priest to help you solve
this problem? I am sure he would never appreciate
your question, nor your doubt in the dogmatic
belief of Christianity. If you ever ask him this
question, most probably he would tell you, ‘In
matters of faith one has to stop reasoning, and
believe in the doctrine only by his heart, not mind.’
How can water remain water and at the same
time be fire? Or, how can a stone be a stone and at
the same time be water? Do you think any sensible
man on earth can ever accept such impossibility?
How can the Ever-living God be God and
mortal at the same time? That is, to be a man to
suffer death at the hands of mortals? And how, the
same mortal being can be the Immortal God at the
same time? It is an impossibility which your priests
want you to believe, and do not want you to even
dare question this inconceivable dogma.
God IS absolutely independent in His
existence. A fact, which makes it impossible for the
doctrine of Trinity to come to terms with human
reason. It is an inconceivable riddle, which opposes
science and logic.
Here is another hypothetical question, which a
believer in the Trinity can never answer: vVho is the
one who controls or determines the splitting of the
one into three different ones, not more or less in
number? There must be a cause for this controlled
effect, and that the causative factor acting as
supreme over the three is the effective supreme
controlling cause, and the causative power that
reduces the three into one; while the three would be
only subservient to it.
Important points to remember
You think Jesus is semi-god was he born to a
woman without a man? What about Adam? He was
created from neither a woman nor a man? Would
you say he was wholly-god? Whose creation is
more miraculous Jesus or Adam? And, Who came
into existence first? Think of it, and think of it
seriously; because you will be questioned about it
on the Day of Resurrection.


Check and compare
Now compare this with the following facts about
Allah, the True God:
• “Were there to be gods other than Allah, both
the heavens and the earth would have gone
into chaos.”25
• /IAllah has never taken a son, nor has an
associate. Were there to be gods beside
Allah, each god would have taken away
25 Q. 21:21
what he created, and would have fought each
other vying for supremacy.”26
• Here is a hypothetical argument that you may
consider. Let us assume the existence of two
gods; one of them wants to move an object,
and the other wants keep it stationary; if their
wishes are not fulfilled, then neither of them is
a real god; keeping in mind when God wants
a thing, it must take place instantly. On the
other hand, to have both of their wishes
fulfilled in the same time is impossible;
because their wishes are contradictory. This
impossibility is the result of the supposition of
plurality of gods. If one of the two gods’ wish
is fulfilled, then he is the conqueror, and the
necessarily existing god, while the conquered
is not; because it is impossible that the
necessarily existing god be conquered. That is
why Allah says:
• “They would have fought each other vying
for supremacy.”27
26 Q. 21:93
Allah is far above what they ascribe to Him.
• Allah created man and placed him on earth to
procreate and colonize it, grow communities,
cooperate and help each other; because an
individual on his own cannot survive without
fellow humans.
• Why does Allah, the only true God, the
Creator of everything, need a son or an
associate? Is it because He wants to procreate
and multiply? Or, because He could no longer
handle the affairs of the universe on His own?
Did such a question occur to you before?
Allah says, ‘We have created the heavens and
the earth and never suffered fatigue or
• How long did Jesus live on earth? If he were a
semi-god or a god incarnate, why did he not
take flight to heaven before he was captured
knowing that his opponents were going to put
27 Q. 23:91
28 Q. 50:38
him to death. Were he to be a god, he would
have known their scheme before hand; yet he
failed to do so. He also failed to realize what
was awaiting him.
• Imagine yourself watching your only son
suffering a painful situation, and you can
easily save him from it; would you hesitate to
do so? Do you think god would be less
concerned about his only son than you about
yours? But, according to them /lgod” did fail to
save his only /IsDn” from the hands of his
• I would like you to think over the belief that if
Jesus were God Himself, or the son of God;
why was he so terrified at the impending
crucifixion that he shouted: “Eli, Eli, Lama
Sabachthani?” My God, My God, hast thou
forsaken me?” (Mathew 27:46) If Jesus were
God Himself, as they allege, does it mean that
God was forsaken by God? Moreover, can that
who felt hopeless and shouted desperately for
help be a god?
Besides, do you think Jesus was God Himself,
when he fell down crying praying for
someone to remove away from him the cup
of death by crucifixion? That is if he was
Is this the foundation upon which is built the
huge edifice of the Christian faith? Is the basis
of your faith only a matter of blind following,
a faith, which can never stand reasoning or
independent scrutiny by dispassionate and
impartial arguments from a clean conscience?
• Allah is capable of creating anything any time.
When He wants a thing to take place, He only
says to it, ‘Be’ and it is. This means, He needs
none of His creatures; neither a son, nor a
wife, nor a partner.
Human beings have one single father; Adam,
and their only true God, is Allah. He has
brought them into existence and provided
them with all their needs in order to worship
Him alone. He says, I created jinn and men
only to worship Me.29
• It is inconceivable that the only true God Who
created the whole universe and every thing in
it to need help; let alone taking a son, a wife,
or a associate. He was all by Himself when
there was nothing in existence; then He
created the universe, mankind and the other
creatures for one single purpose; that is to
worship Him. He says:
Say, had there been other gods beside Him,
then they would have surely sought a way of
gaining favor with Him, the Possessor of the
Throne. Holy is He and exalted far above
what they ascribe to Him. The seven
heavens, the earth, and what is in them
celebrate His praise declaring His holiness.
There is nothing but declares the holiness of
Allah and praises Him, but you do not
understand how they do that.30
29 Q. 51:56
30 Q. 17:42-44
Allah also says:
• Are dissident gods better or Allah, the Sole
God, the invincible? You worship none
beside Him save names that you and your
fathers have named,31 for whom Allah has
provided no proof. All authority belongs to
Allah alone. He commands that you should
worship none but Him. This is the right
faith; but most people do not know.32
Now, listen to the following conversation
which will take place between Allah and Jesus on
the Day of Resurrection:
• On that Day Allah shall enumerate His favors
He granted Jesus saying:
/0 Jesus, son of Mary! Remember My
favors on you by bringing you into
existence from a woman without a man,
and My favor on your mother when I made
31 It iSs only the idolaters who call their idols gods; for such
idols are only creatures.
32 Q. 12:39-40
you a proof of her innocence of what the
ignorant peopIe accused her, and I
supported you with Gabriel, the Holy
Spirit, and made you a Prophet and a
preacher to Allah in your youth and
adulthood, and enabled you to speak to
people in your infancy, and you recognized
yourself as My slave, and I taught you
writing, the Torah and the Gospel. I taught
too how to make a shape of a bird out mud
with My leave, and you blew on it and
became a real bird with My leave, and you
healed the blind by birth, and the leper
with My leave, and revived the dead with
My leave, and I withheld the Children of
Israel from killing you when you brought
them the clear proofs of your Prophethood,
and the infidels among them accused you
of lying and called your miraculous proofs
as sheer sorcery.'(llO)
Remember too when I inspired the
Disciples to believe in Me and in you as
My Messenger, and they did so saying, ‘We
believe in Allah and bear witness, 0 Allah,
that we are Muslims.'(l11)
Sure! They declared themselves as Muslims,
because a Muslim is the one who believes in the
Oneness of Allah, and that Allah has neither a wife,
nor a son, nor a partner.


The Last Supper
You must have read the story of the Last
Supper is mentioned in the Bible; now listen to it
as narrated in the Qur’an:
• And when the Disciples said to Jesus, 10
Jesus, son of Mary! Could you ask your God
to send us a meal from heaven?’ He said,
IFear Allah, and ask no such thing, and
depend on Allah for your provisions, if you
are true faithful.'(112)
• They said, IWe want to eat from it, set our
minds in peace when we see it coming down
from heaven, and become more certain about
the veracity of your Message, and testify that
it is from Allah as a proof of your
• Jesus then said, 10 Allah, our God! Send
down a meal from heaven for us, and the day
it comes down will become a festival for the
first and the last of us, and a sign from You
of your ability of doing anything, and a
response from You to my prayer, and
provide us with easeful provisions; for You
are the best of providers:(114)
• Allah responded by saying, ‘I will send it
down, but he who disbelieves afterwards I
shall subject him to a torture that no other
creature of your era would be subjected
Did Jesus order people to worship him?
Here is the answer:
• On the Day of Resurrection Allah shall ask
Jesus, ‘0 Jesus! Did you say to people take
me and my mother for gods other than
Allah?’ Jesus shall say, ‘Far are You removed
from every imperfection, It is not for me to
say that to which I have no right. If I said it,
You would certainly know it; for You know
what is in my mind, and I do not know what
is in Yours, and I do not have the knowledge
of the invisible world which You have, and
You know all the invisible things.(116)
• I said to them nothing other than what You
commanded me to convey to them; namely,
‘Worship Allah, my God and your God.’ And
I was a witness against them while I was
with them, but after You took me up to You,
You were watching them, and You are the
Witness over everything.(117)
• If you punish them, they are Your slaves,
and if You forgive them, You are the
Powerful, the Wise.(118)
• Thereupon, Allah shall say, ‘This is a Day in
which truthfulness of the truthful who
believes in the Oneness of Allah benefits
them. Such shall be admitted into Gardens
through which rivers flow to live therein
forever; while Allah is well pleased with
them, and they are well pleased with Him.
This indeed is great success. (119)
• To Allah belong the kingdom of the heavens
and the earth and whatever is in them, and
everything is under His control. He needs
neither a son, or a wife nor an aide. Other
than Whom there is no true GOd.(120)33
33 Q. 5:110-120
He also says:
God says: ‘I created jinn and men only to
worship Me. ’34
He does not say I have created them to help
None of Allah’s Messengers or Prophets
claimed to be a god or semi-god. Allah says:
• It would not befit a man, whom Allah gives
the Scripture, authority, and Prophethood, to
say to people, IWorship me along with Allah.
Rather, he commands them to be righteous
devotees, because they study the Scripture,
understand it and memorize it.35
• The Messiah, son of Mary was only a
Messenger like the rest of the Messengers
who passed away before him, and his
mother was a truthful woman. Both, she and
her son used to eat food like the rest of
human beings. Now look how do We explain
to them Our signs, and look how they turn
away from the truth!
34 Q. 51:56
35 Q. 3:79
God. Almighty Allah has shown how to argue
with the Jews & Christians according to the
following instructions of Allah:
Now, whoever argues with you concerning
Jesus after having received the correct
information, then say to them, ‘Come, let us
bring together our sons and your sons, our
women and your women, and ourselves and
yourselves, and let us invoke the curse of
Allah on the liars.36
What We have told you about Jesus is the
true story; and there is no true God except
Allah, and Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.37
But if they reject the truth, and prefer
falsehood to it, then they are deviant. Allah
knows the deviant and will serve him the
punishment he deserves.38
Say, ‘0 Christians and Jews! Let us reach a
mutual agreement between both of us; that
we should not worship other than Allah, nor
36 Q. 3:61
37 Q. 3:62
38 Q. 3:63
ascribe a partner to Him, nor should some of
us take some for deities beside Allah and
obey them in lieu of Allah. If they refuse this
agreement then say to them, ‘Bear witness
that we are Muslims.’39
Th.is is a message to you from a sincere fellow
human who is concerned about your welfare in
this as well as the next world.
The Day when neither wealth nor offspring will
benefit man; save him who returns to Allah with a
sound heart.4o
The sound heart is the heart which holds the
belief in the Oneness of Allah; i.e., there is no true
God except Allah, and Muhammad is the
Messenger of Allah.
You can reach me at: <gdaim@yahoo.com>
Thank you.
39 Q. 3:64
40 Q. 26:89

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