Amazing Dream That Transformed A Denominational Pastor To Islam


Amazing Dream That Transformed A Denominational Pastor, Missionary, Evangelist Christian To Islam

Support Digital Mimbar, Shop Khalifah Klothing: Amazing story of a man who had a reoccurring dream as a young boy. In which he saw 7 heavens and hearing the words “la ilaha illallah” meaning “there is no deity (none truly to be worshipped) but, Allah” at the time of these dreams he had no idea what this meant. From a young age being allowed to choose his own religion from the age of 12 years, by his liberal and loving parents, Areeb Islam saw himself leave the faith of his parents, Catholicism, and move to the Protestant Church. At the age of 16, he began studying to be an Evangelist, Missionary and Youth Pastor. He was an Inter Denominational Pastor, Missionary and Evangelist for 8 years and even assisted other Christians with research. Subsequently unable to get satisfactory answers from Christian clergymen his doubts about Christianity and the Bible led him to quit the Church. After some years of contemplation he decided it was time for him to search for the truth.
Listen to his amazing story on how he found Islam and the reoccurring dreams he had as a young boy came to light.
_____________ This skydiver, surfer, and all around adrenaline junkie converted to Islam in early 2002. He has a great love for the outdoors and is an outspoken advocate for healthy living and protection of the earth’s resources. His hobbies included: Skydiving, mountaineering, fencing, horsemanship, endurance swimming, hiking, amateur motocross, surfing, writing and much more. Presently he is involved, full time, in presenting talks, lectures and motivational seminars world wide. He advocates peace and unity and a return to the values that have often been ignored by clergy and politicians alike. He is a full time Chaplain servings the numerous Hospitals, military bases, Universities and police stations in his home town of Durban – South Africa. As a Muslim he feels it is his duty to spread the message of hope, love and compassion that the Holy book of Islam – The Quran – speaks about. His relaxed and modern manner of explaining deep theological topics has made him very popular amongst the Youth. His deep respect and love for the chain on transmission of the Hadith / Sunnah has made him popular within the elder age groups. His message is based on the literal understanding of the Quran and Sunnah and is uncompromising on being a firm advocate of the Shariah. As he said: “If people but only know the absolute beauty and fairness and compassion found in the Shariah… every human on planet earth would insist on it being implemented into our society and country…” He is a radio DJ on Channel Islam International, Presenter on ChatIslam and a weekly presenter on Peace TV. He is an armature Theoretical Mathematician and writer, His most well know topics include: 1. Misconceptions about the Shariah 2. Misconceptions about Islam 3. Islam the religion you can’t afford to live without 4. Don’t put a question mark where Allah puts a full-stop. 5. Choosing a diamond 6. The schools of thought in Islam 7. The Truth Always Wins 8. Youth With A Mission 9. The journey of self discovery 10. Who was this man? 11. We love Krishna, Buddha, Abraham and Jesus (pbut) 12. Your purpose driven life 13. Be the best you can be 14. I’m not OK and you are not OK… but God says that is OK! 15. The Need For Creed 16. Superman Returns 17. Don’t all religions teach the same thing? 18. Protect the environment, be kind to animals and save the planet! 19. The Master Of The Universe 20.
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