American Man Can’t Stop Crying After Becoming Muslim


The founder of the Muslim Voice for Peace and Reconciliation (International Dawah (Peace) Organization) is an American citizen, Samuel Earle Shropshire. He is 73 years old, a former pastor. He has an equivalent of a Ph.D. degree in theology. He has spent his entire life working for nonprofit causes. He has worked in the fields of human rights and peacemaking, lobbying the American, Canadian, British governments, and the United Nations for 35 years. He has connections with many pastors, priests, monks, congressmen, members of parliament, and other government leaders. For international speaking arrangements and questions: Contact his assistant Isa Alhaj Hussein at or Whatsapp +966550606619 Please donate on our website WWW.MVPR.ORG Please mention the story of how you reverted to Islam in the comments below.



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