British Consul General in Saudi Arabia embraced Islam

British Consul General to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia has embraced Islam and changed his name to Seif Usher. He changed his name on his verified Twitter handle as well.

A picture of him standing in the courtyard of the Holy Prophet’s mosque in Madinah has been making rounds on social media. A few days ago, he also shared the same picture on his Twitter account. He said, “I am very happy to return to my favorite city – Medina – and perform the Fajr prayer at the Prophet’s Mosque.”

Messages of appreciation and felicitation have been pouring in for the British Consul General on social media. Muslims are praying for him and wishing him good fortune. He also expressed gratitude over receiving warm wishes on social media from fellow Muslim brothers. Social media celebrity Mutah Wassin Shabazz Beale, better known as Napoleon, broke the news on Twitter. Mutah is a former member of Tupac’s rap group Outlawz. Beale has since converted to Islam and is now a motivational speaker.

The first British ambassador to perform Hajj
He is not the only British diplomat to convert to Islam. Previously, the British ambassador to Saudi Arabia Simon Collis also embraced Islam and even went on to pilgrimage in 2016.

“I have converted to Islam after being in Muslim societies for 30 years, and right before getting married to Huda,” Arab News had quoted him as saying.

e was pictured in a white robe while performing pilgrimage. He had been based in Saudi Arabia since 2015. Collis had served several Middle Eastern countries including Syria, Iraq, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, and India as well.

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He also became the first British ambassador to perform Hajj. Saudi Arabian writer and female activist Fawziah Albakr had first broken the news on social media. “First British ambassador to the Kingdom undertakes the Hajj following his conversion to Islam. Simon Collis with his wife Huda in Makkah. Praise be to Allah,” wrote Fawziah on Twitter.

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