Health Benefit of Fasting (Part 3)


We fast the month of Ramadan for spiritual purification and out of obedience to the orders of Allah SWT.  However, verse 2:184 ends with the statement that “for to fast is to do good unto yourselves – if you but knew it.”  Out of God’s mercy, it turns out that when we fast, we are not just gaining spiritual benefit, but doing good unto ourselves in the physical realm as well.  So much so, in fact, that fasting has become a new vogue in medicine to help people maintain good health and longevity.  This lecture series uses the most recent medical literature to do a fairly in-depth exploration of the health benefits of fasting.  These benefits include improvements in weight, glycemic control and reductions in the risk of diabetes, decreased cardiovascular disease risk factors, improvements in immune system function, decreased cancer risk, and better neurological and brain health.

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