Human Rights in Islam: Just or Unjust?

DEBATE – Fadel Soliman VS Hege Storhaug VS Dr. Lars Gule



This is a debate on one of the most controversial issues of our time: “Human Rights in Islam – Just or unjust?”. Islam and human rights has been a hot topic in public debate for a long time. 1.57 billion of the world’s population, almost every fourth person in the world, is a Muslim. Critics and Islamophobes have for a long time argued that one of the world’s largest religions, Islam, does not have human rights. If this is true or not, will be debated in this video. The participants are Engineer Fadel Soliman (Bridges Foundation), Hege Storhaug (Human Rights Service) and Dr. Lars Gule (former Secretary General of the Norwegian Humanist Association).

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