‘Innocence of Muslim’ Response


This is Abeer and today I’m gonna talk about a very sensitive topic. Regarding a film, disgracing the last prophet Mohammad(S.A.W) and his companions. In that film, they portrayed his role opposite to what he was… so in the trailer of this film, I watched Prophet Mohammad saying stuff that we can’t even imagine him saying and the way the scenes of this film was put together were far from the reality… Now, let me talk about the protests that are held in different countries worldwide
But before jumping to a conclusion whether these protests are justified or not? Let me explain you one thing, for a true Muslim, Prophet Mohammad is more beloved to him than his father or son… and that’s because Prophet Mohammad is not a Religious leader or the messenger of Allah.
But he’s guide, he’s a leader, he’s mentor, he’s a teacher and his life is a complete role model for every person. Whether you are a son, father, teacher, student, Army official or even a businessman. I will quote a reference from a book
“The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History”
This book was written by Micheal hart, who obviously is non-Muslim. The first person on Hart’s list is the Prophet of Islam Muhammad S.A.W. Hart asserted that Muhammad was “supremely successful” in both the religious and secular realms. So now I will ask you guys to give me an answer to this question, What do you accept Muslims to do? if you are going to disgrace and mock the personality they love more than their family members?
I hope you get to a decent conclusion….
And at last, I will address all my Muslim brother and sisters, think of a situation, if our beloved prophet Mohammad S.A.W is here,
what will be his reaction to all those critics, will he do, what we are doing? So remember to be patient and exercise the teachings of prophet Mohammad S.A.W in these critical situations. I hope you all got the message I want to deliver.
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