Muslims Prayed For Rain in Australia and Now It is Raining in Australia

As we all are aware, the bushfire incident of Australia’s forest was getting worse and more dangerous as the days were being passed including the death of millions of animals of the zoo such as Kangaroos, Koalas, Lions, Bears and Tigers, and many more other animals. Moreover, it didn’t rain in Australia for the last 5 months.

Approximately, a crowd of 50 to 60 people; including women and children offered Salah at Bonython Park located in Adelaide, Australia. Patrick Mclnerney, the Christian Head Priest belonging from the center for Muslim and Christian relations also reached the park where Muslims were worshipping and stated, we united with our brothers and sisters to pray to God for His mercy in the way of rainfall for Australia.

A video of Muslims worshipping together got spread on every social media platform. And the amazing fact is that, according to a report, it started raining in Australia which would be highly helpful to cool down the bush fires and to provide relief to all the animals and humans suffering from the consequences of the deadly fire.

A lot of people reported that they were facing problems in breathing due to the spread of smoke filled with pollution in the atmosphere.

Many asthmatic people already left Australia due to the toxic and polluted air and many had to go to the hospital due to lungs and breathing problems and severe asthmatic issues.

We are very glad about sharing this update with you and request you to pray for the whole Muslim Ummah as; the Muslims present in the Asian countries and the Middle East countries are suffering a lot and stuck within their life and death.

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