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this concept of no equal rights in the islamic world is a complete fallacy. During the era when muslims were in spain they allowed both jews and christians to practice their faith freely, however after during the christian conquest both muslims and jews were wiped off. I ask those with stereotypes to be more open and look back at history because it paints a very different story to public opinion held today. even with the crusades after the butchering of cities (even cannabalism), after their defeat, the muslims fed the defeated crusaders. When the French went to Algeria to supposedly enlighten the ‘barbaric arabs’ they ended up pillaging and slaughtered en masse the algerians. I do not say this as opinion but as fact from history. Please I do not say this out of anger towards any christian as a muslim is not one who holds a grudge, as Our Prophet (May God’s Peace be upon Him) even forgave those who mutilated the body of his uncle Hamza (May God grant him mercy). Christians I do not hate you so I ask why do you hate me and my religion. Please I sincerely ask you all, read about islam because it is a religion that has brought me into harmony with myself and you will never find that inner peace with your soul until you do. Muslims are not a people who lie but as with all faiths you find those who are truthful and those who are not. May God grant you all the light of Islam.

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