One Hundred Weak or Fabricated Traditions (attributed to the Prophet) famous among Khatibs and Speakers

One Hundred

Weak or Fabricated Traditions

(attributed to the Prophet)

famous among Khatibs and Speakers

Compiled by Shaykh Ihsan Al-‘Utaibi (May Allah preserve him)

1 – ((Whosoever Worship/Prayer does not prohibit him from the excessive and the disapproved, has no increase from Allah except of distance.)) and in another narration: ((then he has not Worshiped/Prayed)). Al-Dhahabi said: Ibn Al-Junaid said: a lie and falsehood. And Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi said: its chain is loose/soft (Layin), and Al-Albani said: void and false (Baatil) from both its chain (Sanad) and its text (Matn). “Meezaan Al-I’tidaal” (3/293), “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (1/143), “Al-Silsilah Al-Da’eefa” (2/985)

2 – ((Talking in the mosque devours good works as cattle devour grass)), and in another narration: ((Talking in the mosque devours good works as fire devour wood)). Al-Hafiz Al-Iraqi said: I found no base for it. Abdulwahab ibn Taqi Al-din Al-Subki said: I found no chain for it, and Al-Albani said: It is baseless (La Asla Lah). “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (1/136), “Tabaqaat Al-Shafi’ya” by Al-Subki (4/145), “Al-Da’eefa” (4)

3 – ((Conduct yourself in this world, as if you are here to stay forever; prepare for eternity as if you have to die tomorrow)). Al-Albani said: Cannot be traced directly to the Prophet (La Yasih Marfu’) i.e. not authentic of the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). “Al-Da’eefa” (8)

4 – ((I am the grandfather [forefather] of every pious person)). Al-Suyuti said: I do not know it, and Al-Albani said: It is baseless (La Asla Lah). “Al-H’awi” by Al-Suyuti (2/89), “Al-Da’eefa” (9)

5 – ((I was only sent as a teacher)). Al-Iraqi said: its chain is weak, and Al-Albani said: Weak (Da’eef). “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (1/11), “Al-Da’eefa” (11)

6 – ((Allah Almighty and Exalted told the lower world, Serve the one who serves Me and tire the one who serves you)). Al-Albani said: Fabricated (Mawdu’). “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” by Al-Kinani (2/303), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” by Al-Shawkani (712), “Al-Da’eefa” (12)

7 – ((Beware of the green dung (khadra’ al-diman). It was asked: What is the green dung? He said: The beautiful woman with an evil origin)). Al-Iraqi said: Weak, and it was also weakened by ibn Al-Mulqin. Al-Albani said: Very Weak. “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (2/42), “Al-Da’eefa” (14)


8 – ((There are two groups among my people who when they become righteous the populace becomes righteous, and when they become corrupt the populace becomes corrupt: these are the rulers and the jurisprudents)), and in another narration: ((the rulers and the scholars)). Imam Ahmad said: in one of its narrators is a liar who fabricates traditions. Ibn Ma’een and Al-Darqutni said something similar. Al-Albani said: Fabricated. “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (1/6), “Al-Da’eefa” (16)

9 – ((Seek to draw closer to Allah by virtue of my status (by my Jaah), for my status (my Jaah) with Allah is great)). Baseless; “Iqtidaa’ al-Siraat al-Mustaqeem” by Ibn Taymiyah (2/415), and “al-Da’eefa” (22)

10 – ((The one who leaves his house for prayer and then says: O Allah, I ask thee by the right of those who ask you and I beseech thee by the right of those who walk this path unto thee, as my going forth bespeak not of levity, pride nor vainglory, nor is done for the sake of repute. I have gone forth solely in the warding off your anger and for the seeking of your pleasure. I ask you, therefore, to grant me refuge from hell fire and to forgive me my sins. For no one forgive sins but yourself.” Allah will look kindly upon him and seventy thousand angels will seek his forgiveness)). It is weakened by Al-Munziri, and Al-Busairi said: its chain is composed of a succession of weak narrators (Musalsal bi Al-Du’afa), and Al-Albani said: Weak. “Al-Targheeb wa Al-Tarheeb” by Al-Munziri (3/272), Sunan Ibn Majah (1/256)

11 – ((Goodness is in me and in my Ummah until the Day of Judgment)). Ibn Hajar said: I do not know it. “Al-Maqasid Al-Hasana” by Al-Sakhawi (p. 208), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdo’at” by Al-Fatni (68), and “Al-Asrar Al-Marfoo’a fee Al-Akhbaar Al-Mawdo’a” by Al-Qari (p. 195)

12 – ((Whoever sleeps after ‘Asr and loses his mind should blame none but himself)). Ibn Al-Jawzi mentioned it in his book of fabricated traditions “Al-Mawdo’at” (3/69), and Al-Suyuti in “Al-La’ali’ Al-Masnoo’a” (2/279), and Al-Dhahabi in “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (839)

13 – ((Whoever breaks his wudu’ (ablution) and does not renew his wudu’ (ablution), then he has shunned me…)). Al-San’ani said: Fabricated; “Al-Mawdoo’at” (53), and Al-Albani said: Fabricated in “Al-Da’eefa” (44)

14 – ((Whoever performs Pilgrimage (Hajj) and does not visit me, has shunned me (has been rude to me))). Fabricated, mentioned by Al-Dhahabi in “Tarteeb Al-Mawdo’at” (600), and Al-San’ani in “Al-Mawdo’at” (52), and Al-Shawkani in “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (326)

15 – ((Whoever performs Hajj, and then visits my grave after my death is like the one who has visited me during my lifetime)). Ibn-Taymiya said: Weak in “Qa’ida Jaleela” (57). Al-Albani said: Fabricated, “Al-Da’eefa” (47), and see also “Zakherat Al-Hufaz” by ibn Al-Qaysarani (4/5250)

16 – ((Disagreement amongst my Ummah is a mercy)). Fabricated “Al-Asrar Al-Marfoo’a” (506), “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/402), and Al-Albani said: it is baseless “Al-Da’eefa” (11)

17 – ((My Companions are like the stars; whichever of them you follow, you will be rightly guided)), and in another narration: ((My Companions are like the stars; whichever of them you take his opinion, you will be rightly guided)). Ibn Hazm said: a fabricated void false tradition, that was never found to be authentic “Al-Ihkaam fee Usool Al-Ahkaam” (5/64), and (6/82). Al-Albani said: Fabricated “Al-Da’eefa” (66), and see also “Jami’ Bayan Al-Ilm wa Fadlih” by ibn Abdilbar (2/91)

18 – ((He, who knows himself, knows his Lord)). Fabricated “Al-Asrar Al-Marfoo’a” (506), “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/402), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (11)

19 – ((My Lord has taught me good manners and He mannered me (disciplined me) well)). Ibn Taymiya said: I do not know of a firm/certain chain for it “Ahadeeth Al-Qasaas” (78), and Al-Shawkani mentioned it in “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (1020), and Al-Fatni in “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (87)

20 – ((All people are dead except the Scholars (those with knowledge), and all the Scholars (those with knowledge) are punished except the workers, and all the workers are drowned except the sincere, and the sincere are in great danger)). Al-Sagh’ani said: this tradition is forged (Muftara), and is not even correct grammatically “Al-Mawdoo’at” (200), Al-Shawkani mentioned it in “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (771), and Al-Fatni in “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (200)

21 – ((The saliva of a believer is a cure)). Baseless as in: “Al-Asrar Al-Marfoo’a” (217), “Kashf Al-Khafa'” (1/1500), and “Al-Da’eefa” (78)

22 – ((If you see the black flags coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl, for in it is Allah’s Caliphate Al-Mahdi)). Weak, “Al-Manaar Al-Maneef” by ibn Al-Qayim (340), “Al-Mawdoo’at” by ibn Al-Jawzi (2/39), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (233)

23 – ((The Penitent (the one who repents) is beloved unto God)). Baseless (La Asla Lah), “Al-Ahadeeth Al-laty La Asla Lahaa fee Al-Ihya” by Al-Subki (356), and “Al-Da’eefa” (95)

24 – ((I do not forget, but I am made to forget so that I shall start/establish a Sunna (or ruling))). Baseless (La Asla Lah), “Al-Ahadeeth Al-laty La Asla Lahaa fee Al-Ihya” by Al-Subki (357), and “Al-Da’eefa” (101)

25 – ((People are sleeping; only when they die do they wake up)). Baseless, “Al-Asrar Al-Marfoo’a” (555), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (766), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (200)

26 – ((Whoever narrates/says something, and sneezes at it (whilst saying it), then [know that] it is true)). Fabricated; “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (483), “Al-La’ali’ Al-Masnoo’a” (2/286), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (669)

27 – ((Marry and do not divorce for verily divorce causes the throne of Allah (‘arsh) to shake)). Fabricated; see “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (694), “Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Sagh’ani (97), and “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/202)

28 – ((Prayer should be repeated from blood the size of a dirham)). Fabricated; “De’aaf Al-Daar Qutni” by Al-Ghasani (353), “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (138), and “Al-Mawdoo’at” by ibn Al-Jawzi (2/76)

29 – ((The generous man is near Allah, near paradise, near men and far from hell, but the miserly man is far from Allah, far from paradise, far from men and near hell. Indeed, an ignorant man who is generous is dearer to Allah than a worshipper who is miserly)). Very Weak; “Al-Manaar Al-Maneef” (284), “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (564), and “Al-La’ali’ Al-Masnoo’a” (2/91)


30 – ((Love the Arabs for three reasons; because I am an Arab, the Quran is in Arabic, and the tongue of the dwellers of paradise shall also be Arabic)). “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (112). “Al-Maqasid Al-Hasanah” (31). “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/30)

31 – ((For everything there is a heart, and the heart of the Quran is Surah Ya Sin, whoever reads it as if he has read the Quran ten times)). Fabricated; “Al-‘Ilal” by ibn Abi Hatem (2/55), and “Al-Da’eefa” (169)

32 – ((One Hour of Contemplation is better than Sixty years of Worship)). Fabricated; “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/305), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (723), and “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (964)

33 – ((There is no Prayer (salaah) for those near the masjid except in the masjid)). Weak; “Di’aaf Al-Darqutni” (362), “Al-La’ali’ Al-Masnoo’a” (2/16), and “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (1/693)

34 – ((The Black Stone is Allah’s right hand on earth with which He shakes the hands of His slaves)). Fabricated; “Tareekh Baghdad” by Al-Khatib (6/328), “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (2/944), “Al-Da’eefa” (223)

35 – ((Fast and you will be healthy)). Weak; “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (3/87), “”Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (70), and “Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Sagh’ani (72)

36 – ((The Angel Gabriel has advised me (reminded me so often) that the neighbor’s rights are up to forty houses away, ten from here, ten from here, ten from here, and ten from here)). Weak; “Kashf Al-Khafaa’ ” (1/1054), “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (2/232), and “Al-Maqasid Al-Hasanah” (170)

37 – ((If not for you (O Muhammad!) I would not have created this World (dunia))). Fabricated; “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ ” by Al-Mishmishi (454), “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (196), and “Al-Da’eefa” (282)

38 – ((Whoever reads Surah al-Waqi’ah every night, poverty will not overcome him)). Weak; “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (1/151), “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (1/301), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (972)

39 – ((One, who gets up in the morning, and his concern is about anything other than Allah will never be helped by Allah in any way, and whoever is not concerned about the affairs of other Muslims, is not from them)). Fabricated; “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (233), “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (69), and “Al-Da’eefa” (309-312)

40 – ((As you are, so will be your leaders)). Weak; “Kashf Al-Khafa'” (2/1997), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (624), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (182)

41 – ((There was once a certain man who set out on a journey after having covenanted with his wife not to leave their house. Her father was downstairs, and she was upstairs. When he (her father) fell ill, the woman sent for the Messenger of Allah asking his permission to go down to see her father. The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Obey your husband.’ The father died. She sent to Prophet Mohammed once again [to get permission to see her father], but he said again, ‘Obey your husband.’ Her father was buried. The Messenger of God sent a message to her that her father was forgiven on account of her obedience to her husband)). Weak; Al-Haythami said: [it is] narrated by Al-Tabari in “Al-Awsaat”, and in it (i.e. the chain) is ‘Aismah ibn Al-Mutawakil and he is weak. Al-Albani said: narrated by Al-Tabari in “Al-Awsaat” from the way of ‘Aismah ibn Al-Mutawakil … and he is weak, and his shaykh Zafir ibn Sulaiman Al-Quhistani is also weak. Also narrated by ‘Abd ibn Hameed (1369), from another way, but in the chain is Yousif ibn ‘Atiyah and he is Matrouk, “Irwaa’ Al-‘Galeel” (7/76), and “Majmaa’ Al-Zawaid” (4/313)

42 – ((When a man has a child, and chants the athan in his right ear and the second call (iqama) in his left ear, Umm Al-Sibyan (the mother of the kids) will never harm him (he repels epilepsy from him))). Fabricated; “Al-Meezan” by Al-Dhahabi (4/397), “Majma’ Al-Zawai’d” by Al-Haythami, and “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (2/61)

43 – ((Whoever adheres to (abides by) my Sunnah when my ummah is corrupt will have the reward of a hundred martyrs)). Very Weak; “Zakheerat Al-Hufaaz” (4/5174), and “Al-Daeefa” (326)

44 – ((Whoever adheres to my sunnah when my ummah is corrupt will have the reward of a martyr)). Weak; “Al-Daeefa” (327)

45 – ((I am the Son of the two Slaughtered Ones)). Has no base/source (La Asla Lah); “Risalah Latifa” by ibn Qudamah (23), “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu'” (81), and “Al-Nukhba Al-Bahiya” by Al-Sinbawi (43)

46 – ((Looking at the holy Quran is an act of worship, and looking at one’s parents (affectionately and kindly) is an act of worship, and looking at Ali ibn Abi Talib is an act of worship)). Fabricated; “Al-Daeefa” (356)

47 – ((Whoever prays forty prayers in my Masjid, missing no prayer, would be safeguarded from the Fire, and punishment, and protected from hypocrisy)). Weak; “Al-Daeefa” (364)

48 – ((Ones closer to you (Al-Aqraboon) are more worthy (more deserving) of your goodness (Ma’roof))). Baseless (La Asla Lah); “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (51), “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ “(55), and “Al-Maqasid Al-Hasana” (141)

49 – ((The last to enter Jannah (paradise/heavens) is a man from Juhaynah, called: Juhaynah. So the people of Jannah would ask him: Is there anyone left [in hell] being punished? He would say: No. So they would say: Truly, with Juhaynah is the certain news)). Fabricated; “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” by Al-Tabraabalsi (1/161), “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/391), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (1429)

50 – ((The best names are ‘Ubida (those which describe one as a slave of Allah) or Humida (which are derived from the some root as the name Muhammad))). Fabricated; “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (192), “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ “, (189), and “Al-Nukhba” (117)

51 – ((Seek knowledge even if in China (i.e. even as far away as China))). Fabricated; “Al-Mawdoo’at” by ibn Al-Jawzi (1/215), “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (111), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (852)

52 – ((Consult with them [women] but do not heed what they say (i.e. after consulting with them, do the opposite of what they tell you to do))). Baseless; “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ ” (264), “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (128), and “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (240)

53 – ((People will be called on (will be summoned on) the Day of Judgment by their mothers’ names…)). Fabricated; “Al-La’ali’ Al-Masnoo’a” by Al-Suyuti (2/449), “Al-Mawdoo’at” by ibn-Al-Jawzi (3/248), and “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” (1123)

54 – ((A Sultan (The Ruler) is the shadow of Allah on the earth, whoever advices him will be guided, and whoever cheats him will be misguided)). Fabricated; “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Fatni (182), “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” by Al-Shawkani (623), and “Al-Da’eefa” (475)

55 – ((Whoever fears Allah, Allah will make everything fearful of him [i.e. that person]. And whoever does not fear Allah, Allah will make him fearful of everything)). Weak; “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” by Al-Iraqi (2/145), “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (20), and “Al-Da’eefa” (475)

56 – ((Allah -all Mighty- said: whoso hath not been pleased with My decree and hath not been patient under the ill I assign him, then let him seek another Lord than Me)). Weak; “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” by Al-Tabraabalsi (1/625), “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (189), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” (746)

57 – ((There is no Gheebah (backbite) for a Faasiq (a person who does evil))). Fabricated; “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” by Al-Harawi (390), “Al-Manaar Al-Maneef” by ibn Al-Qayim (301), and “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” (1/764)

58 – ((When one of you dies, and you have buried him, then let one of you stand by his head and tell him: Oh, Fulan son of Fulana! (i.e. call him by his name and his mother’s name) And he will listen [to what you say]. Then say [to him]:  Oh, Fulan son of Fulana! And he will sit up… remember what you left this Dunia (world) with: the testimony that there is not God, but Allah one and only … etc.)). Weak; “Takhreej Al-Ihyaa” (4/420), “Zaad Al-Ma’aad” by ibn Al-Qayim (1/206), and “Al-Da’eefa” (599)

59 – ((He will not lose/fail he who seeks the counsel of the Creator, and he will not regret it he who seeks the advice of others …)). Fabricated; “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” (1/775), and “Al-Da’eefa” (611)

60 – ((He would [i.e. Prophet Mohammed] whenever he cuts from his hair, cut his nails, or is treated by cupping (Ihtijam) would send it to Al-Baqee’ to be buried)). Fabricated; “Al-‘Ilal” by ibn Abi Hatem (2/337), and “Al-Da’eefa” (713)

61 – ((The believer is courteous, clever and alert)). Fabricated; “Kashf Al-Khafa'” by Al-‘Aghlooni (2/2684), “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” by Al-Tabraabalsi (1/859), and “Al-Da’eefa” (760)

62 – ((‘O People, there has come to you (over you) a great and blessed month, a month in which there is a night that is better (greater in virtue) than a thousand months. Allah has made fasting (this month) an obligation and spending its nights in prayer an act of voluntary worship… etc.)). Weak; “Al-‘Ilal” by ibn Abi Hatem (1/249), and “Al-Da’eefa” (871)

63 – ((‘O Jibreel, describe for me the Fire, and tell me about Hell. So Jibreel said: Allah Ta’ala fanned jahannam (Hell) for a thousand years until its color turned red. Thereafter he fanned it for a thousand years until its color turned white. He then fanned it for another thousand years until it turned black in color. So it is absolutely black… [Long hadith])). Fabricated; “Al-Haythami” (10/387), and “Al-Da’eefa” (910)

64 – ((Do not talk much without remembering Allah, for indeed, too much talk without the remembrance of Allah hardens the heart. And indeed the people who are farthest away from Allah are the ones who have hardened hearts)). Weak; “Al-Da’eefa” (920)

65 – ((If someone arrives at the line [of prayer], and it has been completed then let him take/pull someone (from the line) and place him next to him [in a new line])). Weak; “Al-Talkhees Al-Habeer” by ibn Hajar, and “Al-Da’eefa” (921)

66 – ((The Substitutes (Al-Abdaal) in this Community (Ummah) are thirty like Ibrahim the Friend of the Merciful. Every time one of them dies, Allah substitutes another one in his place)). Fabricated; “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” by Ali Al-Qari (470), “Tameez Al-Tayib min Al-Khabeeth” by ibn Al-Dayba’ (7), and “Al-Manaar Al-Maneef” by ibn Al-Qayim (308)

67 – ((Abu Bakr excelled/surpassed men not by much fasting or prayer, but by something which deeply has embedded itself in his heart (by something which rested in his bosom))). Baseless; “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” by Ali Al-Qari (452), “Al-Ahadeeth Al-laty La Asla Lahaa fee Al-Ihya” by Al-Subki (288), and “Al-Manaar Al-Maneef” (246)

68 – ((The greeting of the House (Ka’bah) is Tawaaf (performing the circulation))). Baseless; “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (130), “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ ” (143), and “Al-Mawdoo’at Al-Sug’raa” by Al-Qari (88)

69 – ((If a slave [of Allah] gets up for prayer, then he is between the eyes of the Merciful. But if he turns, the Lord would tell him: ‘O son of Adam, who are you turning to? Is it to someone who is better then I? ‘O son of Adam, do not turn away from me, for verily I am better from any that you turn to)). Very Weak; “Al-Ahadeeth Al-Qudsiya Al-Da’eefa wa Al-Mawdoo’a” by Al-‘Aysawi (46), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1024)

70 – ((Musa once wondered: Does Allah –all Mighty- sleep? So Allah sent to him an Angel, who kept Musa awake for three, and then gave Musa two bottles [to hold] one in each hand … after that Musa slept and the two bottles fell from his hands and broke. He said: Allah has given him an example, that if Allah slept then the heavens and the earth would not have been upheld)). Weak; “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” by ibn Al-Jawzi, and “Al-Da’eefa” (1034)

71 – ((The (evil) gaze is a (poisonous) arrow from the arrows of Iblis (Satan). He that abstains from it out of my fear, I will grant him in return such Imaan (faith), the sweetness of which he will experience within his heart)). Very weak; “Al-Targheeb wa Al-Tarheeb” by Al-Munziri (4/106), “Majma’ Al-Zawai’d” by Al-Haythami (8/63), and “Talkhees Al-Mustadrak” by Al-Dhahabi (4/314)

72 – ((Ablution should be repeated from the flowing Ru’aaf (blood out of nose))). Fabricated; “Zakherat Al-Hufaz” by ibn Taher (5/6526), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1071)

73 – ((Iman (faith) is not by [false] hope or beautification, it is rather what occurs (is set) in the heart and is proved by the deeds)). Fabricated; “Zakherat Al-Hufaz” by ibn Taher (4/4656), “Al-Da’eefa” (1098), and “Tabyeed Al-Saheefa” by Mohammed Amr (33)

74 – ((The Creature from the Earth (Dabbah/Da’aba/Da’ba – one of the Signs of the Day of Judgment) shall come forth, and with it the stick of Musa (Moses) and the ring of Sulaiman)). Rejected (Munkar); “Al-Da’eefa” (1108)

75 – ((The Prophet, sall-Allahu alayhi was sallam, and Abu Bakr proceeded till they reached the cave [of Mount Thawr]. Abu Bakr went in, cleaned it and then told the Prophet to enter. Then a spider came and spun (weaved) its web at the mouth of the cave…)). Weak; “Al-Da’eefa” (1129), and “Al-Tahdeeth Bema Qeel La Yasihu feeh Hadith” by Bakr Abi Zayd (214)

76 – ((The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was addressing the people one day, and one of them emitted an odor (i.e., passed wind), so the Prophet said: Let he who passed this wind, go and do wudo’ (perform ablution), but the man felt too shy to get up from among the people. The Prophet then said: Let he who passed this wind, go and do wudo’, for verily Allah is not ashamed of the Truth. So Al ‘Abbas said: O Prophet of Allah can’t we all go and perform wudo’. So the Prophet said: Then go all and perform wudo’ [so as to cover for that man])). Void and false (Baatil); “Al-Da’eefa” (1132)

77 – ((The Prophet said: If my Ummah bears fifteen traits, tribulation will befall it. Someone asked: What are they, O Messenger of Allah? He said, ‘When any gain is shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor; when a trust becomes a means of making a profit; when paying Zakat becomes a burden when a man obeys his wife and disobeys his mother; and treats his friend kindly whilst shunning his father; when voices are raised in the mosques; when the leader of a people is the worst of them; when people treat a man with respect because they fear some evil he may do; when much wine is drunk; when men wear silk; when female singers and musical instruments become popular; when the last ones of this Ummah curse the first ones — then let them expect a red wind, or the earth to swallow them, or to be transformed into animals.)). Weak; “Sunan Al-Tirmizi” (2/33), “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” (2/1421), and “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” (1/33)

78 – ((Love of this world (dunia) is the root of all evil)). Fabricated; “Ahadeeth Al-Qasaas” by ibn Taymiyah (7), “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (1/163), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (173)

79 – ((Seeking Halal (the lawful) is a form of Jihad, and Allah loves the believer who is professional (adopts a profession))). Weak; “Al-Nukhbah Al-Bahiya” by Al-Sinbawi (57), “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” (1/518), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1301)

80 – ((Everything has a bride, and the bride of the Quran is Surah Al Rahman)). Rejected (Munkar); “Al-Da’eefa” (1350)

81 – ((The master (leader) of the people (nation) is the one who serves them)). Weak; “Al-Maqasid Al-Hasana” by Al-Sakhawi (579), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1502)

82 – ((Make use of the two remedies (I recommend the two cures): honey and the Quran)). Weak; “Ahadeeth Mu’ala Zahiruha Al-Si’ha” by Al-Wadi’ee (247), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1514)

83 – ((Umayya ibn Abi’s-Salt’s poetry believed, but his heart disbelieved)). Weak; “Kashf Al-Khafa'” (1/19), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1546)

84 – ((Piety (Birr) does not wear out (perish), and sins (Ithm) are not forgotten, and the judge (Al-Dayyan) does not sleep, so be as you wish…)). Weak; “Al-Kashf Al-Ilaahi” by Al-Tabraabalsi (681), and “Al-Lo’lo’ Al-Marsuu’ ” by Al-Mishmishi (414)

85 – ((The grip (the treatment) of the Angel of Death is harder/harsher than thousand strikes of a sword)). Very Weak; “Tarteeb Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Dhahabi (1071), and “Al-Mawdoo’at” by ibn Al-Jawzi (3/220)

86 – ((Hasten to do good deeds before you are overtaken by one of the seven afflictions.” Then (giving a warning) he said, “Are you waiting for such poverty which will make you unmindful of devotion; or prosperity (wealth) which will make you corrupt, or disease that will disable you, or such senility (old age) that will make you mentally unstable, or sudden death, or Ad-Dajjal who is the worst thing expected to come, or the Hour, and the Hour will be the most grievous and the most bitter)). Weak; “Zakherat Al-Hufaz” by ibn Taher (2/2313), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1666)

87 – ((He who is boldest from you in giving religious verdicts (fatwas), will be the boldest in proceeding to the Fire)). Weak; “Al-Da’eefa” (1814)

88 – ((Fear the intuition of a believer as he sees with the Light of Allah)). Weak; “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” by Al-Kenani (2/305), and “Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Sagh’ani (74)

89 – ((This world is the abode of he who has no abode and the wealth of he who has no wealth. He who is mindless amasses it)). Very Weak; “Al-Ahadeeth Al-laty La Asla Lahaa fee Al-Ihya” by Al-Subki (344), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Fitni (174)

90 – ((Do not let water be the last of your meal)). Baseless; “Al-Da’eefa” (2096)

91 – ((Truly, hearts rust just as iron rusts, and their polishing is Istighfar (seeking forgiveness))). Fabricated; “Zakherat Al-Hufaz” (2/1978), and “Al-Da’eefa” (2242)

92 – ((We have come back from the lesser jihad to the greater jihad)). Baseless; “Al-Asraar Al-Marfoo’a” (211), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” by Al-Fitni (191)

93 – ((Whosoever broke even one fast of Ramadan without an excuse or sickness, even if he/she fasted the whole life after that it will not compensate what he/she missed)). Weak; “Tanzeeh Al-Sharee’a” (2/148), and “Al-Targheeb wa Al-Tarheeb” (2/74)

94 – ((`Abd Ar-Rahman Ibn `Awf enters Paradise crawling)). Fabricated; “Al-Manaar Al-Maneef” by ibn Al-Qayim (306), and “Al-Fawaid Al-Majmoo’a” by Al-Shawkani (1184)

95 – ((Of all the lawful acts the most detestable (hated) to Allah is divorce)). Weak; “Al-‘ilal Al-Mutanahiya” by ibn Al-Jawzi (2/1056), and “Al-Zakheera” (1/23)

96 – ((When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) came to Medina the women and children came out and sang “Tala’a al-Badru ‘alayna min thaniyyat al-Widaa …”)). Weak; “Ahadeeth Al-Qasaas” by ibn Taymiyah (17), and “Tazkirat Al-Mawdoo’at” (196)

97 – ((Beware of envy (jealousy), for envy (jealousy) devours good (deeds) like fire devours firewood)). Weak; “Al-Tareekh Al-Kabeer” (1/272), and “Mukhtasar Sunan Abi Dawoud” by Al-Munziri (7/226)

98 – ((Almighty Allah states: I am Allah. Besides Me there is no being to be worshipped. I am the Master of the king and the King of all kings. The hearts of kings are in My Hands. When people obey My Commands, I position Mercy and tolerance in the hearts of kings. When they disobey Me and become rebellious, their hearts are returned towards evil and oppression. People should not, therefore, waste their time insulting kings…)). Very Weak; “Al-Ahadeeth Al-Qudsiya” by Al-‘Eisawi (43), and “Al-Da’eefa” (602)

99 – ((Athan and Iqama in the ears of a newborn)). Very Weak; “Bayan Al-Wahn” by ibn Al-Qattan (4/594), “Al-Majruuheen” by ibn Hiban (2/128), and “Al-Da’eefa” (1/494)

100 – ((Wisdom is the lost property of every Wise (Hakeem). Wherever he finds it, he is more deserving to it)). Weak; “Al-Mutanahiya” by ibn Al-Jawzi (1/96), and “Sunan Al-Tirmizi” (5/51)

And May Allah Bless you

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