Peace in Islam

In Islam peace is closely related to developing and improving the world. In fact the words are often used as synonyms for the same action, to make or bring peace. Those that make or bring piece are praised in Islam as bringing peace necessarily means fighting against things that are against God and sinful. An important part of a Muslim’s personal development and improvement as a human being is achieving peace with oneself and with the world around us. Therefore, peacemaking in Islam are a part of devotion to God and are rewarded by Him. Islam considers that the antithesis of peace has its first roots in the minds and ideas of men. Therefore, to bring about peace that is long lasting and effective, one must try to defeat the hatred and violence that are the result of Satan’s influence and temptation.

While most modern philosophies view the concept of peace as a purely utilitarian state of mind. That is, as a practical way of making sure that each person can live happily and pursue their needs and wants, Islam goes farther and advocates that peace is Godly and is the path to achieving true happiness. Islam believes that man’s state in paradise was a natural peace that was disturbed by the temptations of Satan. That it is man’s duty to regain this quality to return to a state of bliss that is natural. However, this must not be confused with original sin, or any such concept. Islam does not believe that there is such a thing as original sin.

Peace in Islam is closely related to the concept of Justice. Justice in Islam is mentioned constantly in the Qur’an. Achieving an ideal balance in life while at the same time giving more to those that need it the most is central for peace and harmonious living. Tranquility and a lack of violence can only come from justice. Peace can only be achieved when each person in the world has the same rights and enjoys the same privileges and security as everyone else.  Therefore, according to the Qur’an, Islamic society must seek to become a “House of Peace.” It is a Muslim’s duty to find and promote peace in every aspect of life. From the very minutiae of daily life to international dealings and correcting grave social injustice. Islam believes that someday, through Islam, there will be a time in which peace and justice will be the norm among humanity. This will come through the works of Mahdi, a messiah that will come at the end of times to eradicate godlessness and to bring Islam and the Qur’an to all of humanity. This period of peace and happiness then is the natural result of following the teachings of Islam in all aspects of life.

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