Either Accept Islam or Die – Truth vs. Fiction

    It’s a common notion among Anti-Islam Extremists that Islam was spread by the sword. Even, sadly, ignorant Muslims believe in this totally false belief.

The story goes… that Muslims went out to conquer the entire world and whoever didn’t accept Islam, had to fight against Muslims. Muslims forced non-Muslims to either accept Islam or die.

This story is baseless and totally wrong and so is the notion that: Islam was spread by the sword.

It is in the Quran that, “There is no compulsion in Religion”. When the Quran prevents Muslims from forcing non-Muslims to accept Islam, then how could they do it?

They never did it and Anti-Islam Extremists made up this false story to malign Islam.

The reality is that Islam is not only for Muslims, but it protects the rights of non-Muslims as well. Islam gives freedom to humans that they can choose whatever faith they like.

However, Islam doesn’t like injustice. It promotes that human beings, regardless of their faith and belief, have a right to live peacefully in this world.

So, in the past, Muslims went to different nations to protect human beings who didn’t get justice from their cruel leaders.

Muslims fought those or raised sword against those cruel leaders who made the lives of their own people miserable and didn’t give them any rights.


Muslims fought against injustice to end evil and give freedom to people from unkind and cruel rulers.

Muslims never fought to force people to accept Islam, because it would be against the teachings of Islam.

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