Who are the real terrorists?

Muslims are being labeled as terrorists all around the world, especially those fighting for freedom in Kashmir, Palestine, Afghanistan and Iraq.
I wonder what you would do if someone were to break into your house to rape your mother, sister, wife and daughter and then kill your entire family? Would you sit like a coward and let them do everything or fight back at least to try to save your family?
I wonder why we don’t see innocent men, women and children dying every single day in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and if they fight back to protect their land and families, they are simply labeled as terrorists.


If Muslims in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine are given a uniform to wear and then fight, will they become righteous? May be this way the fight will turn into a war between two nations instead of “war against terrorism”.
I am not saying all Muslims are 100% right and fully practice the teachings of Islam… but tell me which country or religion doesn’t have black sheep? The fact of the matter is, Islam doesn’t promote terrorism and Islam does promote peace.
If your teacher or parent tells you not go out in cold uncovered because you will get sick, but you don’t care and still go out… whose fault is it? Is it your fault or your parent’s fault? You are a mature person, of course it is your fault.
Under the similar context, if some people call themselves Muslims and don’t care about practicing what Islam preaches, whose fault is it then? Why and how does it make Islam dangerous and all Muslims terrorists?
Should we punish those who commit the crime or should we attempt to wipe out an entire city via carpet bombing, not caring about innocent people and just assuming that some terrorists might be there? (As witnessed in Afghanistan – and no one talked about the lives of innocent civilians / people who died and are still dying there as well as in other parts of the world)
How correct is this practice?


Bombing Muslim countries and killing innocent Muslim families clearly show that it’s not Muslims who are terrorists, they are the victims of cruel terrorism instead.
This is probably a never-ending debate and I am not here to convince anyone. What Islam teaches me is that if you kill one innocent person, it means you kill the entire humanity. Everyone has a right to live, and live peacefully.


Islam is a religion of peace, but this fact can only be understood by those who take the time out to sincerely study the beautiful teachings of Islam and don’t believe in the propaganda being spread by the enemies of Islam.

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