What is Jihad?

A lot of people think, due to lack of knowledge, that Jihad is terrorism. This is how this word is actually portrayed and perceived nowadays. But, in reality, Jihad is the exact opposite of terrorism.


A war is started to conquer a piece of land, destroy a nation, enslave people and take control of resources and possessions, as we see it happening in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and Kashmir.

Whereas, Jihad begins to stop the war, to stop the evil and invading forces from killing innocent men, women and children and to protect a piece of land and resources. Hence, we see freedom fighter doing Jihad in Palestine, Iraq, etc.


Simply put, when a Muslim fights to end terrorism and help the oppressed, he does Jihad. If someone kills innocent people in the name of Jihad, then his understanding of this word should be blamed, not the Islamic concept of Jihad.


Since the Anti-Islam Extremists are trying to destroy Islam and Muslims, they viciously attack even the teachings and terminologies of Islam in order to deviate people from the right path. Sadly, those with no knowledge, fall into their trap.


So, don’t believe in everything, or to say anything, that media tries to propagate about Islam.  Ask a Muslim scholar whenever you find yourself at the crossroads.


source:  http://www.attackonislam.com/2009/01/what-is-jihad/

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