Does The Far Right Really Believe What They Say About Islam?

It has become fashionable for the far right in the United Kingdom to make Islam and Muslims the target of vitriolic and hateful speech. Some of the things these people say are so extreme that it is almost impossible to believe that people with such education and knowledge can actually believe the rubbish they spew. In the dealings with the far right, when they throw out so-called facts that are clearly unsubstantiated, exaggerated or blatant lies, there comes a point where we must ask ourselves. Does this person actually believe what he is saying? If not, then why are they lying like this?

After all, if some of the things that the right has said about Muslims in Britain were in any way true, life would be impossible. There are millions of devout Muslims in the Britain, and a substantial percentage of the population of London is Muslim as well. If Islam were the violent religion that these people claim, or if all Muslims can be equated to extremist terrorist organizations, there would be complete and total chaos. It would be war, with mobs of violent Arabs stoning to death any woman that dared to step out on the street without covering every inch of hear body with a burqa.

The mere fact that these people can get out of bed in the morning and go to work to continually rail against Muslims without their newspaper having been blown up or without being beaten to death is testament to the impossibility of what they say. These kinds of statements are either the product of a collective of deranged individuals, or blatant lies that are meant to give them some kind of personal  or political gain. Considering that almost all of the right wing commentators and so-called journalists haven’t been locked up in a mental institution, we must conclude that they are lying.

It is truly disgusting to think that these people are willing to make life extremely hard for millions of innocent Muslims so that they can sell  their lies and become famous and powerful. After all, it can become hard not to jump on the Islam bashing wagon when we see the actual results of this kind of hate speech. The money it brings, the political power it has resulted in, the many books and newspapers that they sell as well as the rating that their television shows receive. Due to the actions of a few deranged Arabs, engaging in terrorism to further their political agendas, it has become fashionable to bash Islam. Muslims have become a convenient villain in the story that these politicians want to tell. Fearing Islam and immigrants has become a convenient distraction from the terrible economical situation that is being lived today all around the world. The very lack of jobs and financial disaster that these kinds of people contributed to creating in the first place! They lie because there is an audience for these lies, an audience that wants to hear that there is an easy answer as to why things are as they are. They don’t want the facts, they just want to hear: “it’s the Muslims’ fault.”

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