“He has only forbidden your carrion blood and pork and what has been consecrated to other than Allah. But anyone who is forced to eat, without desiring it or going to excess in it commits no crime. Allah is ever forgiving, most merciful”.
“Surat Al Baqara, verse 173”

Pork and its harmful effects on health

Eating pork meat was clearly forbidden in Quran. Recently we have many evidences for the harm that still persists despite of all the precautions taken.

1. No matter how clean the environment of the pig will be, the pig is not a clean living animal.
It often plays in and even eats its own excrements. Due to this habit the pig produces much higher levels of antibodies in its body than any other animal.
2. Pigs are the only mammal that does not have sweat glands thus they must have water to cool themselves during hot weather. Rolling in the mud is their way of regulating their body temperature and keeping themselves cool when it is warm. This leads that they are commonly associated with greed and dirt
3. Very high levels of growth hormones are produced in the pig compared to those in any other animals and human beings.
4. Pork meat also contains high levels of cholesterol and lipids.
5. The trichina worm is frequently found in pork.
1. Due to the first and second nature of the pig, large numbers of antigens are introduced to the body of the pig.
(Antigens are foreign substances that when introduced into body, can induce an immune response).
System normally makes protein called antibodies to protect the body. Eating a slice of pork containing antibodies of a certain microbe makes the body of the person who has eaten it weaker if substituted to this microbe, because his body has to build anti-antibodies.
As a result this leads to a weak immune system.
2. It is found that people exposed to pork meat – diet faced the following:
* Puts an excessive weight.
* Suffers physical deformation.
This was due to the third nature of pigs.
3. Cholesterol is beneficial to the human body, as it builds cell membranes and plays a part in creation of hormones. When cholesterol level becomes elevated in the blood many health problem occur:
Cholesterol is a soft and waxy substance, since it cannot dissolve in the blood, it must be carried to the cells by transporters called lipoproteins. Two of these transporters are LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and HDL (High Density Lipoprotein).
These lipoproteins are characterized by their effects on the body.
If too much LDL circulates in the blood, it starts to build up on the walls of the arteries feeding the heart and brain. Combining with other substances it will form plaque in the arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis: plaque causes blockage of the artery, and in turn leads to heart attack or stroke.
This was the consequences of the fourth nature.
4. Another harmful substance in pork is the trichina worm (fifth nature). This is found in pork and when it enters the human body it settles directly in the muscles of the heart and represents a possibly fatal threat. The trichinella spiralis, this parasites transmitted to human muscle tissue by eating undercooked meats especially pork.
The cysts hatch in the intestine and produce large numbers of larvae that migrate into the muscle tissue and cause:
·    muscle pain
·    swelling in the face and around the eyes
·    headache, fever, sweating and chills
The disease lasts from 10 to 30 days but muscular pains may persist in some cases for several months. Mortality is general 1% but in some outbreaks may be as high as 30 – 35 %
In the in the intestine the cysts grow into adult round worms which measure 2-4mm long, which produce offspring that migrate through the gut wall and into the blood. These parasites tend to invade muscle tissues including the heart and diagram, the breathing muscle under the lung. They can also affect the lung and the brain.
Treatment: There is no specific treatment for trichinosis once the larvae have invaded the muscles. Albendazole can work on the intestinal forms, but not on the muscle forms.
Analgesics can relieve the muscle pain.
Most people with trichinosis have no symptoms and their infection is self limited.
More severe infection may be more difficult to treat especially if the lungs, the heart, and the brain is involved.
Arrhythmias: disorder of heart rate or rhythm.
Heart failure: disorder of heart loses its ability to pump blood efficiently.
Other disadvantages

Carcinogenic nitrosamines are formed from the nitrites present in pork during curing for the preparation of ham, bacon, sausages.
Allergy and liver cirrhosis are other diseases contributed to pork consumption
Psychologically: through eating pork one gains the pig’s physical or personality characters: this belief is wide spread and applies also to many other meats and foods.
In addition of this there are some scholars who say that eating pork frequently diminishes the human being’s sense of shame in relation to what is indecent.

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